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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

#Help! "My Wife Does Not Work" #Housewife #Homemaker

Welcome to Advice Bench! 

Last week I got a message on WhatsApp and I decided to blog about it because it is relevant to families.

How could I pass up a chance to share this funny (for lack of a better word) but true piece with all the women in the world who are called, housewives, stay-at-home-mums or homemakers?
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Apparently, there are some husbands who think, believe and say that their stay-at-home wives who care for their children and take care of their homes do not actually work.

Straight up, I want to tell you that it is only an ignorant husband that would even have these thoughts. Boohoo!
So, one husband who felt stressed, overworked and concerned that his wife was a bag of lazy bones had the following conversation with his psychologist;


Conversation between one Husband (H) and a Psychologist (P):

P: What do you do for a living Mr. Bandy?

H: I work as an Accountant in a Bank.

P: And your wife, where does she work?

H: She doesn't work, she's only a housewife.

P: So, who makes breakfast for  your family in the morning?

H: My wife, because she doesn't work. It is her responsibility while I go to make money.

P: At what time does your wife wake up to prepare breakfast?

H: She wakes up at around 5am because she cleans the house first before making breakfast.

P: How do your kids go to school?

H: My wife takes them to  school, because she doesn't work. Who else would take them? I have to go to work.

P: After taking your kids to school, what does your wife do?

H: She goes to the market, then goes back home to do the cooking and laundry. As I said before, she doesn't work.

P: In the evening, when you get back home from the office, what do you do?

H: Oh, I take a well-deserved rest because I’m tired. You know I have been working all day trying to make a living for my family.

P: What does your wife do when you are resting?

H: She prepares meals and serves our kids. Then she prepares my meals, cleans the dishes, tidy the house and then puts our kids to bed.

* * *

Dear reader, you are welcome to draw your own conclusions on who works more from the above chat -
the husband or the wife?

To married men with stay-at-home-wives, quit saying your wife does not work. You need your unwise heads examined if you think taking care of the children and cleaning your house and putting everything in order is not considered work.

My Advice to husbands:

1. Help take care of your children, tidy up the house, wash dishes, put the kids to bed and tell the children bedtime stories. You are a parent, not a distant friend.
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2. Thank your wife countless times a day for the work she does at home. Hug her, kiss her, laugh with her and protect her. Believe it or not, your wife makes you a complete man.

3. Take her out for meals she has not had to cook and also cook for her at home. Love means giving.

4. Go on holidays with your wife and the children. Don't be so busy you send them away on holiday and you carry on 'working' or having love affairs with other women.

5. Take your children out alone sometimes, so your wife gets a proper rest now and again. She is your wife, not your unpaid housekeeper or slave.

Husbands, if you doubt your wife is worthy of care, tenderness and appreciation, try getting pregnant, then carry the baby for forty weeks, go through labour pain and delivery, get a tear in your private area or have a caesarean section and then we can have this discussion again. Aha!

Yes, being a stay-at-home-mum or a working mum does not require a certificate, but her role is vital. She has the responsibility of bringing up the leaders of tomorrow.

So treat her with love, respect and care. Make her happy and keep her smiling. And don't forget to pray for her.

Of course, there are some husbands who appreciate their wives. Thank you for your good work.

* * * * * *

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