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Monday, 8 December 2014


Happy Monday!

On Romance Quotes Monday, I'm celebrating my 15th wedding anniversary. On December 4th 1999, I married the most gorgeous and loving man on earth. He proposed to me on our very first date!
Our 15yrs marriage road and bed have amazing memories for us and our two teenage children. 
To sweeten and deepen our love, my husband gave me a new engagement ring in Church yesterday, 7th  Dec. 
Wow!!! I felt like a brand new African Bride! 
Our priest blessed the ring. In front of our families and friends, my hubby slipped the most beautiful engagement ring on my fingers with the same words he used 15yrs ago.
The original engagement ring got damaged a couple of years ago.
I give God all the glory for our marriage, our love, families and friends.

These two romance quotes aptly describe our love.
RomQuote #1

RomQuote #2
Photo is courtesy of foto4quote
I wish you much love today and in the years ahead.

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