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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

20 Ways To Express Love #Lovetips #Marriage #Wedding

Welcome to Advice Bench!

The number of ways we can show how we feel to the one we love is the focus of my blog post today on Advice Bench.

I have listed twenty ways in which you and I can prove our love to the special person in our lives.

My list is not exhaustive, it is based on my personal experience.

You can include other ways YOU also express how you feel to the one you love so much.

20 Ways to Express Love

1. Kiss your husband's lips, neck or forehead at any time.

2. Snug beside him on the sofa and link your legs and arms as you watch TV or use your phones. Form a habit of whispering in each other's ears.

3. Touch each other's 'body parts' (butt cheeks, chest, cheeks, chin, arms) as you walk past.

4. Leave a voice message on his phone to let him know you are thinking of him.

5. Text romance quotes or "I miss you" or "I'm thinking about you" to your husband when he is away from home. It keeps you in his thoughts. Sexy texts can stimulate what happens between the sheets later.

6. Many times, my husband buys me my favourite drink, desert or snack on his way from work. A simple treat that makes me smile and love him more. When I'm out, I also buy his favourite drink, snacks and this excites him.

7. Never forget special days: birthdays, wedding anniversary, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year.

You have to take time off work, clear your schedule and spend time with the special one in your life. What is money  or success if you don't have one special person to spend it with?

8. Sneak your arm through the crook of his elbow when you go for walks. I always link my arm with my husband's when we go out. I see smiles on people's face when they stare at us. We gossip about them too and have a good laugh.

9. Cook for your husband or wife. It is always a good thing.

10. Give each other a body, feet or head massage.

11. Chat together and enjoy each other's company inside and outside your home without the interference of anyone.

12. Hug him as he walks in through the door and at other times, even when your children or family members are around.

13. Listen to each other chat about your passion and interest even if you don't enjoy  the same activities.

14. Sit down and have drinks together, go out to the café or restaurant and enjoy a meal while gossiping and laughing about everything.

15. Avoid rudeness even if it kills you except in extreme cases. When you are angry, sometimes, it is wiser and more effective to remain silent.

16. Stare into each other eyes in silent communication. I find it exciting.

17. Touch each other's 'body assets' (butt, chest, cheeks, arms) as you walk past at home. Sends sweet sensations in different directions.

18. Be thoughtful. If your husband or wife needs peace and quite, give them space to relax. They will appreciate it.

If your husband or wife is a writer, show understanding by giving them time to write. They will love you for it.

19. Smile, smile and smile. A simple, cheap and effective tool to win your husband or wife's favour.

20. Don't lie to your husband or wife. Stand by your partner. Trust and loyalty is not an expression of love. Help your husband or wife achieve their dreams by showing support, encouragement and prayers.

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