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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

#Brides From #Africa #CongoleseBride

Welcome to Brides From Africa.

By now, you know how much I enjoy digging out facts about brides from across the African continent.
Today, I have beautiful traditionally-attired brides from Congo.
Curtesy of myweddingnigeria
Congo borders the Angola enclave of Cabinda, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Gabon.

In Congo, the process begins with traditional marriage, or “Mahari”. This is the dot or bride price/dowry ceremony.  This is a practice that dates back to ancient times. 
Congo Brazzavile Bride via Nairaland
Once the bride price has been set between the two families, the groom must pay it to the wife's family. The dot is often priced very high.
The bride's family usually hosts the ceremony which is traditionally called “Kifungo Mulango” meaning, closing the door.
In this ceremony, the man would go to the bride's family home to declare his interest in the daughter of choice. Once the daughter acknowledges this, the man asks the house to “close the door” to any other suitors showing interest until everything is finalized and negotiations begin.
Afterwards, a list of dowry and gift items are given to the man’s family. In the Congolese tradition, the man would show up to present gifts to family (not the bride) according to the list the father had written.
The bride's family welcomes the family of the bridegroom (in giving some presents).
As part of the ceremony, the brides and her maids come out covered in fabric from head to toe in no particular order, and the groom gets one chance to choose his wife. 
The groom gets no hint, no touch, just one chance to prove he knows his queen.
And, for the first time on Brides From Africa, I'm sharing the bride's family list to the groom with you.

Normally, the future bridegroom provides gifts which are (for the paternal side):
– 4 black africans cloth ( the quantity depends of aunt of father’s side)
– 4 scarfs, according to the number of aunts on father’s side
– 4 machetes
– 4 hoes
– 4 packages of match
– 4 pieces of soap
– 6 knives swiss
– 1 suit for the father
– 1 foot of tabacco
–  6 swig fireflies
– 1 wool blanket for two people
– 1 smoked meat
– 1 bika bika
– 1 kuelo longo
– 1 big pan
– 1 bag of salt 10 kilograms
–  dowry : it is fixed by the family, 50 000 CFA
– 2 lockers of beer
– 2 lockers of juice
– 1 palm wine
– A corkscrew
– 1 locker of whisky
– If the husband wants to live with his partner, he has to pay 50 000 CFA
– Request of the list for the ceremony 20 000 CFA
– Fine for cohabitation before the traditional marriage : 50 000 CFA
- Fine to have made the children before the traditional marriage : 50 000 CFA
 Fine if you arrive late to the ceremony : 50 000 CFA
And for the maternal side :
- 10 swig fireflies
- 1 iron to re-cross
- black africans cloth  quantity of WAX depends of paternal aunt
- 5 scarfs according to the number of father’s side
- 5 machetes
- 5 hoes
- 1 big pan
- 1 basket of tabacco
- 10 liters of oil
- 4 packages of match
- 1 knife
- 1 bottle of wisky
- 1 wool blanket for two people
- 4 pieces of soap
- nut of cola
- 1 bag of salt 10 kilograms
- 1 smoked meat
- Wedding authorization request 5000 CFA approximatlly 7.62€
- Dowry : fixed by the family with minimum 91,47€ approximately 50 000 CFA
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