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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

#Brides from #Africa #IbibioBride #AkwaIbom #Nigeria

It is great to bring back Brides from Africa.

On today's run, I bring you colourfully-attired Ibibio brides from Akwa Ibom state of Nigeria. 
The Ibibio people have a rich culture and are from the Southeastern part of Nigeria. In more recent times, the people of Akwa Ibom are now from South South Nigeria.
The Ibibio traditional marriage starts with the
'Ndidiong Ufok'. This involves the family of the groom getting to know the house of the bride-to-be.
After 'Ndidiong Ufok', the groom's family 'knocks' (Nkong Ufok/Usong) on the door to officially ask for the woman’s hand.
The knocking on the door means the family of the groom asks for the girl's hand in marriage and collects the "list" provided by the father and elders of the woman’s family.
Nollywood actress Nse Ikpe-Etim, a native of Ibibio in her marriage attire
The 'list' includes things for each member of the lady’s family from the youngest to the oldest. The day the items on the list are to be delivered is called the ‘Uno Mpo’, which means to “to give something”. 

In Ibibio culture, young women undergo 'Mbopo' ceremonial rite also known as “fattening house” ritual. 
Mbopo means “the fattened girl,” referring to the collective process of confinement, beautification, fattening, and circumcision. It is believed to ensure her purity, sexual appeal, marital fortune, and successful pregnancies. The rite also endow the woman with strength as well as the skill required to handle the unrelenting rigours of womanhood.

The traditional wedding follows after the Ndidiong Ufok and Nkong Ufok/Usong.
The bride and groom turn out in full traditional outfit.
 The ceremony involves the hiding of the groom, the bride going in search of the groom with the drink given to her by her parents to offer him, cutting of the cake and dancing till sunset.

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