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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

You only get one chance in The Gardener's Ice Maiden #MWTease #Romance

Hello and a warm welcome to you on MidWeekTease hosted by Sandra Bunino.

Every Wednesday on MidWeekTease, authors and writers give a peep into their published work or work-in-progress. You are welcome to join us.

It is with great pleasure I share from Flirty & Feisty Romance fourth Novel - The Gardener's Ice Maiden, published in Dec 2010 for NaNoWrimo.

I wrote this book when I wondered what the outcome would be, if a skilled gardener with aspiration took on a gardening job with a dentist and decided to get into her bed and into her son's life as well.

In today's tease, Oliver Gbadeyan is on his way to attend an interview conducted by the woman his heart longs for - Olivia Gleave.

Teaser -The Gardener's Ice Maiden

Oliver was agitated.

But there was no turning back from here. This was what he’d wanted for as long as he could remember. Certainly, it was his private yearning that had brought Olivia back to town. Pulling himself upright as advised by the helpful Agency staff when he’d asked for tips for a successful interview, he knocked on the imposing door.

   ‘Do come in,’ retorted a sexy, feminine voice from within. The sound of her voice was enough to make him fail this all important interview.

Couldn’t she just offer him this job without this grilling part? He’d never attended an interview of any kind before now, because he’d never needed to.

Walking into her fanciful, modern study full of books from the floor to the ceiling, he caught a glimpse of her sitting behind a swivel chair in the far right hand corner of the room. To her left was a widescreen, flat panel monitor. She had papers in front of her and a purple pen in her right hand.

   When Olivia saw the imposing, dark-skinned figure of the man approaching her in a stunning, pale purple shirt that looked like a designer label, and a smart, dark, tailored suit, she couldn’t help herself but to rise up from her comfortable, sitting position.

His hair was styled in an African way…that was very attractive and he appeared simply too clean…too polished, too stylish, for the job she was interviewing for. Could he have walked into the wrong venue?

After speaking with four other potential employees, she was bored wondering if that was all the Agency could come up with. But then, they did fit the bill of prospective gardeners’ adequately. From their outlook to their aptitude, there wasn’t a doubt in her mind they were indeed, gardeners. Interestingly, she’d being looking for a little bit more.

   Maybe, this fine looking, well-built, well-turned out man had turned up in the wrong venue for his interview. His eyes were dark and unreadable. He exuded sugar bag loads of confidence and a magnetic aura.

   ‘Hello. Perhaps…maybe…you’re in the wrong place…?’ she croaked, clasping her hands together.

So why was she stammering? She was the interviewer for goodness sake! Not some lily-livered job hunter!

   Taking in her lovely turquoise blue, shift dress that had multi-layers from her cleavage to her hips, he didn’t miss out her long stretch of light-skinned legs in matching heels. He noted her jewelry was limited to balls of pearls and gold bracelet.

   His eyes rolled over her trendy hairstyle that was different…sleek…chic. She had a quirky fringe in front just the way a lot of celebrities favoured and shoulder length, bronze hair that nestled her face perfectly.

   He swallowed his saliva as he finally stood only inches away from this girl turned woman he’d had the prickle for since he was in secondary school. Extending out his hand, he responded to her stuttering question.

   ‘Hello, I believe you’re looking for a gardener?’ he’d instantly switched on his heavy-weight, baritone pitch just for effect.

You only get one chance in life sometimes, so why waste it?

Copyright Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku 2014

The Gardener's Ice Maiden
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