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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Where is Uvbi? Cowries from a Prince #MidWeekTease12 #Historical

Hello and welcome to MidWeek Tease organized by Sandra Bunino. Midweek Tease is a platform for authors and writers to give a peep into their published book or Work-In-Progress.

I'm sharing more teasers from my historical romance Work-In-Progress titled, Cowries from a Prince. To read the previous snippets, click here.

Background to today's teaser; Uvbi (heroine) has taken steps to thwart her father's planned action against her. Edokpayi (Uvbi's father) took drastic action

In the scene below, Irinmwian (heroine's mother) is paying a discreet visit to Osarevbie (heroine's stepbrother) and Naru (her husband's guard) in jail.

Cowries from a Prince is set in the ancient City of Igodomigodo in the 1700s.


Enjoy the Teaser

Cowries from a Prince 

Tip-toeing to the backyard, Irinmwian hurriedly filled her woven basket with the cooked food she set aside in the morning. She added the freshly plucked mangoes, pears and bananas.

The clay pot of water leaning against the mud wall caught her attention. Swinging her head from side to side, she filled an empty calabash with water. With jerky movements, she dumped the small gourd into the basket. Covering her basket with banana leaves, she walked through the footpath behind the mud kitchen.

   "You are here again?" Greeted the heavily built man with overgrown beard at the prison gate. The first time Irinmwian brought food, he had asked so many questions. After so many trips and gifts, he now welcomed her with a smile.

   "Yes. Are they taking care of them?" Her stepson, Osarevbie and her husband's guard, Naru have been in jail for several market days.

   "I see them walking around. They have not lost flesh. The prison wardens are taking good care of them just as I promised."

Joy filled her heart. "Thank you." Because she didn’t want them injured or tortured by the criminals in prison, she had to bring him gifts.

Waving at the man, she walked to the police desk. Inside the Police Station, two men argued with the police. They wanted their brother released.

Irinmwian hid behind the mud pillar, until they left. Their brother remained in jail. She didn’t want to be reported to her husband. It was bad enough her hard-hearted husband, Edokpayi had sent her back to her father's house after he found out about Uvbi. To be found visiting those accused of disloyalty could earn her more punishment.

My brothers…I have brought food for Osarevbie and Naru. How are they?"

The short policeman with two big teeth in front looked up from his writing.

He frowned, scratched his bushy dark hair before he greeted her. "Welcome. They have been fairly treated. We placed them in the front cell, where the men have committed petty offense."

 Irinmwian sighed. "Thank you, my brother. There are still men in our land who have a kind spirit."

 The man put down his pen and grinned. "Hey! Bring the two boys we put in the outer cell this morning. Their mother has come with food."

"Yes sir," a strong male voice called out from behind the post.

 "Mother! Mother!" Osarevbie called out. He drew near but the chains around his ankles and wrists stopped him from getting closer.  "Where's Uvbi?"

Tears ran down Irinmwian’s face. "No one knows her whereabouts."

A thin smile passed over Osarevbie's face. Was that relief on his face? It couldn't be. She looked at her husband's loyal servant. Naru's shoulders slumped. The weight of the chains must weigh on his battered frame.

They wore no clothes. Their shorts were torn and worn. They looked like they hadn't washed themselves since they were imprisoned.

"My sons, Osarevbie and Naru, may the God in the sky save you from dying in this place."

Copyright Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku 2014

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