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Sunday, 21 September 2014

#Brides From #Africa #ZuluBride 6 #SouthAfrica

This is Brides From Africa, where I bring you beautiful and diverse traditionally married brides from across Africa.

This week, we're making a stop in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The Zulu people speak IsiZulu, the most widely spoken language in South Africa.

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A Zulu bride's most impressive adornment is her beautiful and sturdy hat called Isicholos. The hat is made by an impressive weaving of grass and palm fronds.
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Among the Zulus, the bride goes and gets her groom. Also, beaded jewelry is the language of love in Zulu weddings. 
Brides-to-be make two sets of bead necklaces in matching colors - one for herself and one for her groom-to-be. Their matching color-coded necklaces and bracelets shows everyone they are an item.
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The bride will also carry a miniature knife, an assagai, pointed up to symbolize her virginity. After the marriage is consummated, the knife will be pointed down.

At some point during the during the ceremony the bride does a dance of her own during which she kicks her leg high in order to show her mother that she is a virgin.

In Zulu culture, a group of young virgins and young males perform a wedding ceremonial dance. The dance shows the beauty of African rhythms.

And, the maidens do not cover their breasts when wearing traditional outfits, but they cover the lower part of their bodies with short beaded skirts. 
After marriage, the Zulu women do cover their breast to indicate that they are not free for other men's attention. 

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