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Saturday, 13 September 2014

#Brides From #Africa 5 #HausaBride #Northern #Nigeria

Welcome to Brides From Africa.

There are weddings bells ringing around the globe and Northern Nigeria isn't an exception.

I bring you stunning brides from Northern Nigeria in West Africa.

In the northern states of Nigeria, brides undergo the wedding Fatiha ceremony.  At the Fatiha, the groom formally asks for the bride’s hand in marriage and her bride price is paid.

To enhance the bride's beauty, her body is adorned with lalia form of body art. Unlike a tattoo, the lali is temporary and washes off after sometime. See the beautiful lali on the bride's hands and feet.

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The bride undergoes Budan Kai. This means “Unveiling of the Bride”. This is organized by the groom's family to honour and welcome the bride to her new family.

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