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Friday, 26 September 2014

#Brides From #Africa #SudaneseBride 7 #NorthAfrica

Here is another great week on Brides From Africa.

On today's platform, we have brides from Sudan in North Africa.

The bride's hands and feet are decorated with hand drawn henna to give her a very special look.

The Suanese Sari indicates a woman is married, not the wedding ring.


When the contract, termed agid is signed, someone will fire rifle shots in the air to announce to the women that the wedding contract has been signed.

Al Subhia involves the bride dancing to dallooka songs and changing into different clothes to entertain the party the bride's mother organizes for all the women in the family and for the bride's friends.

Jirtig is the final ritual. The bride wears a red toub and sits with her husband on a beautifully decorated red and gold sheet, called maliyat aljirtig.


The bride is given a cup of milk as a sign of love, peace and hope for a clean and pure life together - a life as pure as milk.

Photos are from Bitalsudan
The bride and groom are blessed with perfume to ward of evil eye from befalling the lovebirds.
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