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Friday, 15 August 2014

#Brides From #Africa 1- #BiniBride #Edo #Nigeria

Welcome to Brides from Africa

Every so often, I will share photos of brides from different parts of Africa. In addition, I will reveal one or two facts.

On this first slot, I have photos of brides from my native place of Benin, Edo state, in South-South Nigeria in West Africa. The people of Benin speak Bini language.

Courtsey of Tripdownmemorylane
Bini brides wear several layers of red coral beads (called Ivie) as an adornment on their heads, neck, wrists and fingers.

The beaded coral crown on the bride's head is called okuku.

IVIE is another specie of coral beads, an important type of jewelry worn by Edo chiefs. This kind is described as precious coral. It has a hard core that can be polished to bring out beautiful red, rose, or pink colours.

On the wedding day, The OKA EGBE (eldest male) of the woman's family would normally preside over the ceremony. Kola nuts and wine are presented. Prayers are said and the kola nuts are broken and shared.

The marriage ceremony involves the DOWRY payment which includes a small sum of money. Gifts for mother of the bride and IROGHAE - members of the extended family would be part of the settlement. 

During the ceremony, a few 'fake brides' march in for the groom to choose his bride. As expected, he rejects each woman.

Then, his bride is heralded in with traditional music in a her majestic bridal outfit.

Amidst prayers, laughter and sometimes tears, the bride would be carefully hoisted on the lap of the OKA EGBE of the groom's family or her father-in-law.

And afterwards, she is also hoisted on the groom's laps. 

There would of course be a lot of merriment on the day of marriage as the bride and the bridegroom are presented openly to the two families.

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