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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Didn't Our Kiss Mean Anything in #SparklingDawn #MWTease7 #Romance

What a lovely Wednesday! Welcome to Midweek Tease hosted by Sandra Bunino.

Every mid week, writers tease readers by sharing work from their published work or work-in-progress.

I'm going to share a bit more of Chloe and Warren's story from Sparkling Dawn - A Flirty & Feisty Romance.

Last week,
feisty Chloe got busted catching a glimpse of Warren's back side when he appeared unexpectedly on her door step.

In this scene, charming Warren is putting his best foot forward asking Chloe to be his girlfriend. And hot-headed Chloe has a few things to say to him.

Enjoy the Teaser!

SPARKLING DAWN...Is Chloe hiding the truth

 One part of Chloe's brain tried to remind her Warren was the wrong choice to flirt with for known reasons, but her tingly body shoved the idea into the trash can.
“Where do I clean up, Chloe?”

   “This way,” she replied, leading him down the hallway into the guest bathroom.

After opening the bathroom door, she stood back to let him in.
“Don’t take too long. Food waits for no man.”

Moving forward, he blocked her exit, his eyes pinned hers. “You baffle me. Way back in Hatfield, I would have described you as a passive girl. Now, you blush without a break. And our foray at Claridges opened my eyes to the possibility of us getting together. What happened in the garden is still playing on my mind and then, you turn on the teasing tap.”

   “Go in Warren. You make me edgy when you gape at me like that,” she accused in an austere voice.

   “And you amaze me, Chloe. Why are you nervous?” he asked, placing his left hand on the door frame above her head.

   Her heart thumped and she licked her top lip. The sight of her pink tongue flicking out unexpectedly revived his simmering lust.

   Sucking in his breath, his nose flared, and his palm gripped the door paneling.
“Don’t do that Chloe, for my peace of mind.”

   Nodding her head towards the shower stall, she said, “Warren, you were going to clean up, remember?”

   Shaking his head, he made one more plea. “Chloe, can I at least get to know you? Would you give me a chance, please?” She didn’t utter a word. But he pressed on. “Or are you involved with someone else?” There, it was out in the open. She couldn’t kiss him like that and be in a serious affair! Right?

   “And what about Louisa?” his inner voice yelled. Pushing aside his girlfriend’s image, he trapped Chloe with his eyes.

   Tapping her thumb against the wall, she huffed, “Are you asking me out again?
Charming Warren
After I’ve made it clear I’m not interested in having a quickie romance. Are you in short supply of women around the world? I can’t throw my heart on the firing line for you. I was hooked once, but what did you do?”

He had broken her tender heart. And, he could break her healed heart again, and he wouldn’t even know it.

   “You were hooked on me, once and I didn’t even know it. When was that? Why didn’t you tell me?”

   Waving his questions aside, Chloe interjected, “Yes. I’m involved with someone. Before you ask, I’m not revealing his identity.” Her chin took on a stubborn slant.

   Warren growled, marching in and out of the bathroom.

   “I’m sorry Warren. I can’t go out with you.”

   “Why not?” he asked.

   She looked up at him, her expression wary. “You’re being unreasonable, Warren.”

   He shut his eyes and took in deep breath, inhaling her seductive blend of peach blossom, jasmine and blond wood fragrance teasing his nostrils, warming his insides, melting his resolve.

“Didn’t our kiss mean anything to you?” Warren asked his voice hoarse.

   She waved off his reference to their tango in the sand. “My boyfriend wouldn’t share me with you or with anyone else. And I think I’m in love with him. Besides, you’re hooked to Louisa, remember?”

   His hand reached for the left side of his chest as the muscle in his neck jerked. “Was it the pain-in-the-butt man that tagged along with you to the awards? Drop him and you won’t regret it.”

Loud silence filled the hallway.


Book Title: Sparkling Dawn...Is Chloe hiding the truth
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 266

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Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel 

Years ago, Chloe developed a secret crush on Warren, but a painful incident led her to believe she had been set up. To preserve family ties, she kept the humiliating
incident and her subsequent actions secret.

Now, a high-powered freelance fashion journalist, Chloe intends to live her jet-set life to the fullest, until her former crush unexpectedly knocks on the door.

Warren is still drawn to Chloe and has no idea why she holds back from him. Will they reconcile or will Chloe's secret tear Warren's family reputation apart?
A wild & windy expressive drama, laced with mind-boggling intrigues.

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