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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Do You Prefer Birthday Gifts over Anniversary Gifts?

Many women, including myself are particularly fond of expecting special gifts from their husbands, Partners or boyfriends on specific dates of the year.

These dates aren't to be forgotten under any circumstance, except our husbands or boyfriends are ill or hospitalized. God forbid!

Excuses aren't often acceptable if the better half is too busy to get a gift.

Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries and Christmas dates are extremely important in the life
of a woman. Words aren't enough to describe the size and depth of her disappointment if her husband fails to buy her a card, gift or both.

Valentine's day and Mother's day are also significant in the life of a woman, especially women with romantic hearts like mine.

Vividly, I recall with laughter my husband's dazed expression when I reminded him of the most significant dates of the year, emphasizing to him the truth that he musn't forget to buy me gifts.

My birthday, our wedding anniversary, Christmas and Valentine's days are dates for him to remember. Unfortunately for my dearest hubby, in my case, all four dates are two months apart! Add mother's day to the list, and he has his work neatly cut out for him.

I told him the size or cost of the gift is irrelevant because I was brought up 'never to look at a gift horse in the nose'.

There has to be a gift, any gift!!!

Do you cherish birthday gifts over others or are you as demanding as I am.

Please share your preferences.

Thank you for visiting and reading.


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