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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Are You a #Parent? What We Do Wrong & Right

Bringing up children isn't a walk in the park.

The teenage years are often the most turbulent for parents. Teenage pregnancy, weed smoking, drug use, knife use, alcohol fuelled parties, bullying and gansterism is rife among teenagers.

As many parents realize too late, the area they reside and the children's schools have a huge impact on the children's attitude, outlook and choice of friends.

All hope isn't lost. As parents, we have primary responsibility in preparing our children for life's many challenges.


You Can Over-function:

You do everything for your child, from making their beds, to washing their dishes and clothes and then expect the clueless child to grow up taking responsibility and contributing positively. They blame the pampered child for being lazy!

You Under-function:

You expect too much from a child you haven't trained. You frustrate them and make them feel incompetent.


Be A Role Model

With patience and love, 'apprentice' your children by demonstrating how to do whatever chores or skills you want them to learn. Show them how to vacuum, wipe windows, mop the floor, wash dishes, swim, fish, sing or dance.

I bought a bread maker a few weeks before Christmas 2013. I learnt to bake homemade bread. And I taught my eleven year old son and my thirteen year old daughter. They now bake bread unsupervised. We haven't bought a loaf of bread since I got the bread maker.

If you don't know how to...learn together. Children are great teachers!

Be the example you expect. If you're dependent on alcohol, get clean!!!

Deepen Bonds

As you work alongside your child,  you develop and deepen an enduring and precious bond with them.

Share Responsibility:

Teach your children to share the work load at home from a young age. Washing dishes, sweeping and cleaning the house, cooking and emptying the washing machine etc are chores your kids must do on a regular basis. Wake up! Your home isn't a passageway!

Develop Their Talent

Believe in your children's God given potential. Watch out for their natural talent and passion, nurture and help them grow to be the person they were created to be. Not the person YOU want to be!

Mete Out Discipline:

If you think bringing up children is as easy as easing bread and butter pudding, think again. From the beginning, set clear rules and boundaries. Rules must have consequences and rewards. You must be consistent in dishing out praises/gifts for good behaviour as well out meting out punishment for bad behaviour.

This is where modern day parenting falls abysmally short. Disciplining your child is as important as rewarding their good deeds. Be strong!

Last Word

When your job is done, your children will appreciate the tools you've provided them with to lead them in a lifetime of natural and spiritual success. When your children grow up, they'll not thank you for allowing them get away with wrong doing in their childhood.

Please share your experiences with us.


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