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Friday, 11 October 2013

Rich or Poor Who Will You #Marry?

Welcome to Advice Bench! 

The size of a man's wallet or bank account is usually a touchy subject.

The question is, should a man's bank balance be the number one criteria to earn an 'I do' reply from your lips?

You meet a man you have several things in common with, a man you fancy and think you can be with long term but he has no savings stashed up at home or abroad. He lives from hand to mouth. The future looks bright because he's employed, hard working and ambitious.
You ask him how the wedding ceremony is going to be funded. He tells you to settle for an austerity inspired, low key wedding.

Are you going to kiss your teeth at him, walk him out of  your life, advising him to increase the perimeter of his bank account or are you going to give him a kiss and scream 'Yes, I will!'

I don't discount the truth that women perceive men who earn more money as more attractive because of the stability and security money provides.


If you have considered other factors such as family background, education, emotional maturity, personal responsibility, outlook on life, and the only reason you have cold feet is the reality that he has no car, no financial asset or amazing income, RECONSIDER!

Here are a few facts to help you:

1. Globally, women's economic power is soaring.

2. Women make 80% of all buying decisions around the world.

3. Women bring in half or more of the household income.

4. Women control most of the spending in households.

In other words, countless women around the world are marrying men with less income and bank balance.

Women have become high income earners! The days of relying solely on a man's income is fading away.

You get to 'control' buying decisions in your new home anyway.

If your husband-to-be has small amounts of wealth, you can help by combining resources.

Marry the man your heart chooses instead of dithering and holding out for Mr. Wealthy.

Flirty & Feisty Romance wishes you the very best in deciding on Mr. Right.

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