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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

HUSBAND to RENT: Will he grant her unreasonable request? #Romance

Fara noticed her as soon as she walked through the door. He had been fully listening to the clerk giving him useful tips at the Registry office.

His goal in Benin City Nigeria is straightforward.  

   At present, his senses were partially held spellbound by the eggshell brown skinned woman in white, wet silk blouse.


Photo is courtesy of Bellanaija

Her skin glistened with rain drops as she shuffled her high heel clad feet on the foot mat.

   And her hair wasn't spared the wrath of the tropical August downpour.

   His eyes feasted on the outline of her white, lacy bra visible through her soaked blouse.

   Everyone in the room, inquirer and official snatched a discrete look at the lightly drenched, shapely woman whose eyes searched the square, carpeted space for a chair.

The three, tired looking seats for visitors were occupied. Her painted fingers clutching a clean, white handkerchief dabbed gently at her face, before sliding across her cleavage. Blood swept through his vital organs in a dizzying rush.

   Heat suffused his hairy dark skin as he wondered if she had any idea how desirous she looked standing there wet, and unfazed.

   There’s no point pretending. He was no longer listening to the clerk's reply on how the plan to help him will pan out. He jumped off his seat, his gaze never leaving the tall, dark haired woman still standing by the entrance.


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