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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Is Vanessa the Woman to Bring Fred down? BEYOND the LADY #Contemporary #Romance

Fred switched off the entire wall lights. He strained his ear to listen for any strange
sound…but there was none. There was only an eerie silence…

The clutter on the white dining table and chairs were a sorry sight to behold. Picking up the paper litter, he saw it bore the logo of a popular restaurant.

The striped, roller blind was still hanging sky high. He calmly wound down the blind. At least, she didn’t leave the windows and doors open. She has minimal sense of security, if nothing else.

Just to assuage his curiosity, he peeped into the kitchen. Every glass storage jar, cookware and utensil stayed neatly intact, just the way he’d left them.
Meaning? She’d entertained herself and who else?

She obviously hadn’t lifted her lazy, pampered hands to cook for herself. By now, his initial fear had totally seeped out of his spine.

He marched to each of the three bedrooms he’d shown her before he’d left for his business dinner. Only because she hadn’t stated exactly which one of the three she preferred.

She wasn’t in any of the three bedrooms.

At that minute, Fred shifted into panic gear. Did she make good her threat to desert his home? Is she really bent on living her life on the streets? No, not quite on the streets! But in the deluxe hotels around the UK, paid for by her revolting customers.

Where's he going to start looking for the reckless woman? Could she have gone back…?

Large balls of sweat broke out from every pore in his skin…his heart beat erratically. If she disappears into thin air, he would hold himself accountable…

Quickly deciding to go in search of her in the hotel the wealthy, old Charles had paid for, he walked into his bedroom.

And, he stopped short!

Fred lost his natural ability to supply his lungs with oxygen. And yes, he shut his eyes from the bewitching sight of the spread-eagled babe on his duvet cover.

Her hair highlights has changed from black to gold… Vanessa was covered in only tomato red, lace panties and bra.

Fortunately, she's lying face down and fast asleep. Or so he thought…

Her exposed spinal base is deliciously tattooed… His heavy feet moved to sneak a look at her tattoo.

He felt like a peeping Tom. But he's in his own bedroom!

Interestingly, her tattoos are a bow and an arrow. Why fighting images? This woman is an enigma.

Just for the records, he's struggling to ignore her backside, which looks firm and round and seriously inviting...

Vanessa's wanton, nutty and naughtily untamed. No…she's a prostitute!
He must always remember that petite fact. He isn’t keen on sharing his private space with a woman with an established high sexual notoriety.

Swinging into action, he flung open his walk-in-closet, and his bedside chest. Sighing with relief, he filled his arms with the clothes and underwear he needs for the next couple of days.

He didn’t welcome her intrusion into his bedroom but kicking her out isn’t feasible. Before today, he hardly ever allowed his girlfriend access to his room. That
rule didn't apply to this woman he picked up from a hotel who didn't even have the curtsey to ask for his permission before climbing into his bed.

As he took one long, last, look at her spread-eagled form, his bathroom door opened…

And a man about her height, fair skinned but obviously black with dark eyes strolled out of his en-suite bathroom in only boxers! His dark hair was long and wet from taking a shower...

* * * * *

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Love Africa Book Club said...

What a teaser. Nice one. :)

Flirty & Feisty Romance said...

Thank you, LoveBites AndSilk. Yes, Fred and Vanessa are a fiery pair...and Vanessa's going to string him on a long tour... Glad you like it.