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Friday, 22 July 2011


Flirty & Feisty Romance 5th Novel, SPARKLING DAWN is out!

Sparkling Dawn by Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

Publication Date: July 22nd 2011

ISBN/EAN 13: 1495237931/9781495237935 (Paperback)

Genre / Categories: Fiction/Romance/Contemporary


Dark Secrets…Waiting to Explode

Flirty & Feisty Romance…wild & windy

A passive girl turned into a sexy tigress?

It was all a secret and tender crush…that deepened into a severe ache and longing…which eventually evolved into a catastrophic incident. Never again would she trudge that route.
Chloe believed she’d been setup…made a ridicule of and abandoned. To preserve family ties, she’d kept the humiliating episode and her subsequent actions from everyone... That was years ago.
Now, hot and sweltering freelance fashion journalist, Chloe Anderson planned on living her jet-set life to the full. Having exhausted her emotion on a fourteen-year wait for Warren, she plunged herself into globe-trotting across the continent.

His unstable choice

His mother is an adulteress! After the disappointing near break-up of Warren’s parents’ marriage that he duly blamed on her high mobility journalist job, Warren swore not to give his heart so easily to any woman. As a successful, high profile, New York lawyer, his criteria for a wife is simple. An available woman with a stable career, perhaps a teacher will meet his needs.

When he insisted on co-habiting with Chloe, she was delighted at being handed her payback opportunity. Is there a way out of the swamp she’d sunk into?

A wild & windy expressive saga, laced with mind-boggling intrigues.


She struggled to pick out the richly dark, curly hair and sea weed pair of eyes belonging to the taller-than-life, tanned man that invited her from the sea of faces mingling around the decadent and dazzling foyer. As she circled around the crowd, she felt a strong hand at the small of her back.    

   Chloe froze in mid stride, her spine stiffening to breaking point.

   The soft bellow from the evening’s live music was totally lost on her. In a matter of a few seconds, her throat emerged parched dry. Her eardrum was receiving pounding drumbeats. If he didn’t take his hand off her right now, she would melt into his stunning, lean frame.

‘You’re early Chloe, just the way a real lady would behave. I’m really ecstatic you decided to come,’ he whispered into her left ear buried within her mass of sparkling, red hair.

And her heart thumped faster! She bit her lower lip to keep from giggling.

   His warm breath fanning her neck made the hairs on her neckline stand upright and uptight!

Afraid that he would hear her fast pumping heartbeat, she instantly jerked away from him.

 Her reaction thrilled him. A curly grin slashed across his sexy lips tearing his mouth open into a dandy smile. The indentation at the top of his upper lip was to die for.

Warren looked hot!

She suddenly wanted his sure hands to split her gown in two. To discover her secret place, and to possess her until she’s blown away by what she could only imagine would be a life transforming orgasm.

   Blind me! What pure hearted woman thinks like that?


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Flirty & Feisty Romance...Our to deliver an intensely emotional experience you'll never forget!

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