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Thursday, 12 January 2017

#Brides From #Africa #UgandanBrides

I'm back with Brides From Africa, a very popular post indeed. 

This week, I have brought you Brides From Uganda in East Africa.

Ugandan Flag

Uganda is a landlocked country, bordered on the east by Kenya, on the north by South Sudan, to the west by The Democratic Republic of Congo and to the south by Rwanda.

Traditional Ugandan Wedding Ceremony:


After the agreement of proposal, for the Kwanjula (marriage) to be a resounding success, gifts are exchanged.

During the Kwanjula the  Groom's family is required to appear dressed in kanzu and they must also present kanzu to the bride's family.  The kanzu is always worn with a suit jacket, blazer, or sport coat.  It is customary, for Tribal Chiefs to wear the kanzu with a black bisht.
Before the Kwanjula, the Groom invites the Bride's parents to meet his family. The bride's family's wealth is assessed. 

In Uganda, the number of cows you own indicates the family's wealth.  If a family owned only one cow, this means they are very poor. 

There is a lot of dancing, feasting and merry making when the Groom's parents delivers the bride's wealth to the bride's family.  

Photo is courtesy of Bellanaija

The Groom also provides Kanzus for the Father in-law and brother in-laws. Gomesis are also provided for the mother in-law and Ssengas. (
Kanzu and Gomesi are cultural dresses for males and females respectively). These are a must.

Ugandan Bride in her gomesi

The traditional kanzu has maroon embroidery around the collar, abdomen, and sleeves. The embroidery is called the omulela. The kanzu is worn at wedding ceremonies during the introduction. 

Envelopes containing money for the father in-law, mother in-law, Ssengas and brother in-laws are also given as gifts to the bride's family.

After this occasion is completed, the Groom’s mother, accompanied by another person would sing all the way to the Bride’s family home around 8:00pm. to fetch the Bride from her parents house.

The Bride is then handed over to the Groom’s mother and the Bride is taken back to the Groom's home with all three singing the whole way there. 


Once the Bride is back at the Groom’s home, the Bride is not supposed to sleep with the husband before she is washed in the ritual ceremony of okunabbya omugole.
The newly wedded couple stands under a tree and bathe in the same water furnished with appropriate herbs.  As the singing continues, they appear in the courtyard.
The Groom's mother pours a basin of water on the Bride’s back. The Bride spreads her fingernails out as custom demands and the older men would inspect them for any signs of pregnancy.
Thereafter, the Bride’s brother officially hands over the Bride to her husband and the newly weds move in to their house.

The Bride will not eat from her husband’s family until she first eats food sent from her parents.
Read more about  Traditional Uganda Marriage here.
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