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Thursday, 22 December 2016

How Long Should Engagement Be? #Gettingmarried #Courtship

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Last week, after we heard of another couple whose marriage had hit the rocks, my husband asked me a question: "How long should the courtship be to achieve a forever marriage?"

I paused to consider. My engagement period was about eleven months or less. Although, my husband asked me to marry him the first time we sat down together in January 1999, we got married in December the same year.

Within our eleven month courtship period, my husband visited my flat almost daily. He came at 5am in the morning on his way to work and after work.

While I thought he was very charming and attentive at the time, he told me after we got married he dashed in and out of my flat at will to CHECK if I was a party girl and to find out the kind of woman I was - first thing in the morning and after work.

I had no idea I was on a 'test' of some sort. I enjoyed seeing him so frequently, I did not query his intentions.

So now, can you help me answer the question:

In your opinion, how long should a courtship period last to help couples understand themselves enough to settle well into marriage forever?

If you have an opinion or answer, please share it. I'm desperate to find out what you think.


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