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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Are You Judgemental? #ShowLove #Forgiveness

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Today, I want to shed light on the consequences of judging others.

I came across a text and I found it useful and as you know, I love to share my discoveries with you.

We all know the story of the prodigal son who squandered his inheritance and ended up like a poor wretch living among pigs far away from home. One day, he realized his error and retraced his steps back to his father's house.

His father welcomed him back with open arms. But not everyone is as open-minded and forgiving. His older brother was very angry with their father for having a home-coming feast for a wayward child.

In our relationships and in our families, we can be very unforgiving, much like the older brother in the story.

Maybe your husband, wife or child is a spend-aholic!!! The way we deal with this bad behaviour is to be full of resentment, hurt and anger.

NOTE: When your husband, wife or child comes to their senses and acknowledges their wrong-doing:

Follow these steps:

1. Don't wait for them to grovel or beg before you forgive them.

I can hear you ask me, why? Because you are not perfect! Or are you? So stop wallowing in self-righteousness.

2. Show GRACE and stop being judgemental!

Holding on to grudges and being full of resentment is the recipe for losing your own inheritance! By not forgiving, you forfeit your own joy and the joy of knowing how much your husband or wife or child actually loves you.

3. Welcome him or her with OPEN ARMS.

Remember, they have experienced brokenness (being hurt & lost). There is no need to make them feel worse.

4. The 'lost' husband, wife or child needs HEALING and RESTORATION, only your LOVE can provide. 

So help to restore your husband, wife or child and have a life-enriching relationship with him or her.

5. Don't listen to your friend, colleagues or family who might tell you otherwise. Ask yourself a simple question: 'If I were in his or her position what would I need? Welcome back or outright rejection?'

Finally: Show love and don't be an older brother who ended up losing more than the younger brother (he never realized how much his father loved him) because he was so judgemental.

Part of this post was culled from The UCB Word for Today.

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