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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

When A Man Leaves...To Be Joined To His Wife #Newlyweds #Wedding

Welcome to Advice Bench! 

Today, is all about the NEWLYWEDS.

One day, a man leaves his father and his mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united to become one flesh. Very amazing feat. Congratulations!

That is the start of a NEW FAMILY in the society. And I just found out that the word family means 'servant of the household' in Latin. In other words, the husband or wife is to act as the SERVANT of the other.

If only everyone who was married acted as the servant of the other, there would be no divorce, or separation or massive conflicts.

I have been married for sixteen years and I cannot boast of taking on the role of servant most of the time. Far from it. I like to have the last word if I know I'm right. A very wrong attitude I want to shed.

I want to share the purpose of the newlyweds (new family) in the society;

1. As a family, they will realize God's plan on the earth together.

2. You are to BUILD a common life that show FAITHFULNESS (i.e. no other partners) to each other.

3. You must be willing to LISTEN (keep quiet and open your ears) to each other.

4. Learn to FORGIVE (let go of hurts) each other. It is the toughest part. So start learning and don't quit until you master the act of forgiveness.

5. Share ECONOMIC risk with each other. Money should not divide your home but only let it strengthen your relationship.

6. Be hands-on parents and educate your children in God's ways. Don't allow your children take the rein of controls from you. Be worthy examples. Don't smoke and tell your children not to smoke.

As you join the league of newlyweds, I pray your new family life remains strong and a blessing to nations.

And for those couples who are wounded through their marriages, I pray for abundant grace and healing.

You can read more on Premier Voice of Hope Issue 13.
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