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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

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In Egypt, families, rather than grooms propose to the bride and many marriages are arranged.
The Ancient Egyptian traditional marriage (Engagement) starts when the groom's parents visit the bride-to-be's house to get her family's approval.

At the meeting, an agreement is reached between both families. The agreement contains two main items: an amount of money, called Mahr - paid by the groom to his fiancee's family to help them prepare the furniture for their daughter  - and a valuable jewelry gift, called Shabka, given by the groom to his fiancée.
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When the two parties complete the agreement, they fix an appointment for the engagement party.

Most of their relatives and friends attend the party in one of the common banquet halls, which is decorated with several kinds of flowers and lights.

The fiancée wears an engagement dress while the groom puts the ring on her finger - the ancient Egyptians' gift to the old and new world,which was a symbol of immortality.

In addition, the groom gives his bride the valuable jewelry gift agreed on. During the party, the guests eat and drink several kinds of food and drinks.

In rural Islamic Egyptian tradition, a wedding procession in Egypt leads the bride to the home of the groom. The bride, hidden from view in a tent-like covering rides on a camel.

The marriage contract is signed and registered by "maazon", a man who has an official license to sign and register the marriage contract. This procedure happens in the bride's house or at a mosque in the presence of the couple's family and friends.
Egyptian Muslim Bedouin

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