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Monday, 19 October 2015

#Romance #Quotes #Monday83 #FosteranAuthor

Welcome to Romance Quotes Monday!
Hello Romance Lovers,
There is a twist this week. Welcome to Foster an Author week organized by JoandIsaLoveBooks. Over 15o Authors and bloggers have come together to promote Authors and bloggers this week (19th - 25th Oct 2015).
On my blog, I have the privilege of fostering two special authors - Anita Gillham from Australia and Carol Pavliska from Texas, US.
I'm fostered by Cassandra Brooker on Cassandra Reviews Blog.
Everyday this week, Anita and Carol will share their story and their novels with you. So please check in.
Today, on Romance Quotes Monday, Anita is sharing heart-warming quotes from her romance novel, Break Down and & Carol is sharing one Teaser from her romance novel, Color Me Crazy
Author Name: Anita Gillham
Book Title: Break Down (Book #2 Break Series)
Cannot be read as a standalone.

Genre: Romance/Suspense/Motorcycle Club Stories
Release Date: February 2015
Available #Free on Kindle Unlimited

RomQuote #1
''We break down. Our hearts break open. One day we will break free. Our struggles will never keep us down, Sweetheart. They will set us free'' by Zeke.
RomQuote #2
 "I took her, she stole my heart, I fell in love with her, and I betrayed her. I let her down, she took my soul with her, I let her get away. Not this time. I’m coming for her, I’m letting the truth be known, she is, MINE! She just doesn’t know it, yet." by Zeke.
RomQuote #3
"He took me, he stole my heart, I fell in love with him, and he betrayed me. Deep in my soul, love, sadness and anger linger, right alongside the heart that still beats for him. I want to forget the feeling of my heart and body exploding with happiness..." by Asha.


Author Name: Carol Pavlisky

Book Title: Color Me Crazy

Available on Amazon US & Amazon UK
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 2015
Read the first chapter for free at Entangled Publishing  

Thank you for visiting. Please leave me a comment, so Carol and Anita know you dropped by. 

If you have favourite Romance Quotes from novels you have read, poems, lyrics, texts or pictures you want me to publish on Romance Quotes Monday, feel free to send them to me, via email.

You are deeply appreciated.

 Have a romantic week,



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