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Thursday, 22 October 2015

#Brides From #Australia by Anita Gillham #FosteranAuthor

Welcome to Brides From Australia
Welcome to day 4 in the Foster An Author week.

Today, Author Anita Gillham is sharing photos of beautiful brides from Australia.

The bride in her novel, BREAK DOWN is Australian born. So enjoy.

Anita said: "WOW! Looking at the different brides (Brides From Africa) in your segment is amazing. They are so beautiful and I love them."

Here in Australia, where I’m from, the only traditions I really know of are -
1. Wearing a white wedding gown.
 Traditionally, white represented a virgin or pure bride but today, white is worn as a symbol of tradition.

2. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.
I think this is an age old tradition in many cultures not just Australia.

3. You have to fill in a Notice of Intended Marriage with the celebrant within one month and one day of intended wedding date.

4. Outdoor and beach weddings are quite popular in Australia.

Courtesy of Polkadotbride
Author Name: Anita Gillham
Book Title: Break Down (Book #2 Break Series)
Cannot be read as a standalone.

Genre: Romance/Suspense/Motorcycle Club Stories
Release Date: February 2015
Available #Free on Kindle Unlimited

Author Bio

I am a mum of three beautiful, yet full on kiddies, and a wife to an

amazingly supportive husband. I live in a small town in North Queensland, Australia. I love spending time with my family, reading, writing and the occasional glass of wine. I'm addicted to peanut MnM's and chocolate chip cookies, my husband is always threatening to hide them on me, LOL! I LOVE to hear from readers whether it be good or bad. Any feedback is appreciated and taken on board to better my writing.

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