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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Author Interview - Carol Pavliska #FosteranAuthor #Romance

Welcome to Guest Interview!

A very warm welcome to Foster an Author week organized by JoandIsaLoveBooks. Over 15o Authors and bloggers have come together to promote Authors and bloggers this week (19th - 25th Oct 2015).

Author Carol Pavliska from Texas, US is here to share a part of her life with you. 

Author Name: Carol Pavlisky

Book Title: Color Me Crazy

Available on Amazon US & Amazon UK

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 2015
Length: 393 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63375-178-1
Imprint: Select
Read the first chapter for FREE here:


Carol, tell us a bit about your family, background and your location.

I live on a cattle ranch in Texas, just south of San Antonio. It’s my husband’s family’s
land, and it’s been a great place to raise our five kids. San Antonio is a lovely city rich in culture and history, so it was only natural I’d use it as a setting for my novel, COLOR ME CRAZY. The hero, however, is a Texas transplant from England. Because there is nothing better than a British accent.

A British hero? That's hot. How did you meet your husband, Carol? Is there anything noteworthy about your meeting? And share with us what draws you to him?

Jeff is my high school crush. He proposed to me during my sophomore year of college
while we were backpacking in Big Bend National Park. Within a few years we were hiking trails with babies in backpacks! We still enjoy hiking and camping, and when we have vacation time coming up, we always pick a state or national park over a resort. In addition to being smart, funny, and a great dad, Jeff is also an excellent musician.

The hero in COLOR ME CRAZY is a guitarist, and several of the guitars mentioned in the story belong to my husband. We’re both huge Red Hot Chili Peppers fans, therefore, all five of our kids hate Red Hot Chili Peppers—which is a crying shame. Our oldest daughter is a classical pianist.

Okay, what is the story behind your book and how do you decide your book cover?

My novel is about Julian, a virtuoso guitarist (who was also a child prodigy
violinist) with a neurological condition called synesthesia. He sees colors as sounds, and
the inside of his head is a very busy place. He really doesn’t want to be a performer—not
even a little bit—and is happy to leave the spotlight behind for the peaceful sanctity of his
recording studio, where he much prefers making music. But when he falls in love with
Cleo, an out of work English professor who never quite got her groupie career off the
ground, he tries for a rock and roll comeback. It’s an epic disaster with both laughter and
tears, but eventually they rock their own happily ever after.

As for my cover—it looks like a magazine cover, doesn’t it? That’s because in the
novel, Julian appears on the cover of Rock ‘n’ Spin, the hugest publication in the music
and entertainment industry. A graphic artist on my street team made a teaser using the
magazine image, and when my publisher saw it they decided to use it as the book’s cover.
And I think the model is a pretty good fit!

Julian sounds like a rock star. Carol, have you ever experienced writer’s block and how did you tackle it?

Yes, of course. I experience block (and the self-doubt and misery that comes with
it) regularly. I tackle it by leaning on very accommodating friends with high tolerances
for whining and wallowing.

You have great friends. So what books are on your shelf at home and who are your favourite authors?

I read anything and everything if it holds my interest. In romance, I love Susan
Elizabeth Philips. I also love Diana Galbadon and I’m a huge Outlander fan. Outside of
romance, I adore Haruki Murakami, Muriel Barbery, Liane Moriarty, Dean Koontz…
The list goes on and on.

Yes, quite a list. What form of entertainment do you enjoy most and why, Carol?

Concerts, hanging out with friends, and movies. And honestly, I enjoy a really awful movie almost as much as a good one, but it has to be REALLY awful, and it’s even better if I’m with my daughter. Awful movies are kind of our thing.

Thank you for coming over here today, Carol. We wish you the very best always.

Author Bio

Carol Pavliska began her writing career as a family humor columnist and blogger, a pursuit she abandoned when her children grew old enough to realize they were being exploited. To save them from further embarrassment, she turned to writing fiction. Her debut novel, COLOR ME CRAZY, is a steamy contemporary romance. The kids are still embarrassed.
Carol and her husband, both diehard Red Hot Chili Peppers fans, raise their vegan brood of
mortified offspring on a cattle ranch in south Texas. No lie.

Thank you for stopping by. Please share your comments, so Carol knows you stopped by. It gives me great pleasure to read your views.

You remain unforgettable.

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