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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Why is my chest pounding in Cowries From A Prince #MidWeekTease4 #Historical #Romance

I'm super delighted to welcome you to MidWeek Tease organized by Sandra Bunino. Midweek Tease is a platform for authors and writers to give a peep into their published book or Work-In-Progress.

On MidWeek Tease today, I'm excited to share a teaser from my historical romance Work-In-Progress titled, Cowries from a Prince. This is the first time I'm sharing any part of this manuscript.

In this scene, Nagudia, the bronze caster and warrior (hero) has just rescued the young maiden, Uvbi (heroine) from a fall in the bush path. In the land of Igodomigodo in the 1700s, young maidens are a target of enemy warriors.


Teaser from Cowries from a Prince

 Before Irinmwian could utter a word, Nagudia rushed in with dishevelled Uvbi hot on his heels.

  ‘Oba ghator ‘kpere,’ meaning-long live the King, Nagudia greeted with the quiet dignity of a Prince.

Hands behind his back, his eyes filled with worry, Uvbi's father, Edokpayi responded. ‘Ise,’ meaning Amen. ‘What brings you here, Nagudia? Did you return my spear?’ he asked.
Photos are courtsey of Tripdownmemorylane

 Nagudia shook his head. ‘No, sir. I haven’t completed the repair of your spear.’ Pointing at Uvbi, he voiced his source of worry. ‘I heard a loud scream in the bush on this hot market day. When I went after the voice, it was that of Uvbi.’ Her parents questioning eyes strayed to their daughter’s.

  ‘I only took the short footpath to the market. Then I heard footsteps...and as I was rushing, I fell.’ Uvbi confessed, darting an accusing look at her rescuer. ‘He scared me...’

 Hissing and sighing, Irinmwian, Uvbi's mother
clapped her hands together in disbelief as she turned her head towards her husband.

‘My husband, I’ve told Uvbi never to take the footpath to the market or to the stream or to anywhere.' Facing her daughter, she placed both hands on her head and wailed.

Nagudia stared at the shocked parents. ‘Our enemies lurk around those thick bushes lying in wait to take our people captive.' Then, he faced the woman he rescued. 'Why didn’t you listen to your mother, Uvbi?’ he asked, his eyes drifting from her head to her chest, to her feet and back to her breast, staring as if in a traunce.

Uvbi's body shook with a strange vibration and she immediately clamped her thighs together. Why is Nagudia staring at me in that particular way? Uvbi asked herself.

The wall of her chest pounded and her breasts danced with excitement to the drum beats of her heart. She dropped her gaze. I have never felt this urgent need for my body to be touched before, her heart wondered.

Copyright Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku 2014


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