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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Body on fire in Cowries From A Prince #MWTease5 #WIP #Romance

It is fun time again. Happy MidWeek Tease!

MidWeekTease is hosted by Sandra Bunino.

Every Wednesday, writers and authors share a bit from their published work or work-in-progress.

This week's teaser is from my WIP - Cowries from a Prince and it is a follow-up from last week. In this scene, Uvbi has more than a mouthful to say to Nagudia who rescued her from the bush path.

Teaser from Cowries from a Prince

Uvbi's feet rushed through the side of the mud house and stuck her head round the front. There was no one, except the nosy, strong, black man who scared her in the


She ran out of her father's compound, casting sharp glances over her shoulder. Sure she wasn't seen, Uvbi followed his steps.

"Do you see the trouble you have brought on my head?" Uvbi asked the man with big arms and strong legs. Nagudia stopped and turned round, his frown deepening.

"What trouble do you speak of, young maiden?"

Uvbi pressed her lips together. Is Nagudia such an old oaf as to refer to her as a young maiden? she mused.

"After rescuing me, did you have to bring me back to my father's house? Let not your good deed be evil spoken of!" she rebuked, her chin jutting out.

Nagudia folded his arms across his chest and stared at the young woman
admonishing him for saving her life.

"I see you do not consider your life of great value," he reprimanded. "But your parents do."

Her body shook with the strong waves of his presence, angry posture, his direct words and his sharp stare raking her from her bare shoulders to her hips wrapped in cotton cloth.

The breeze from the east blew hot air through her legs, setting her body on fire. Uvbi stepped back, glared at him and said.

"I will hold you responsible if my father carries out his threat. In my life, I have never seen a man so wise in his own eyes!"

"What threat?" Nagudia asked alarmed, but Uvbi disappeared into her father's compound without a backward stare.

 Uvbi's unforgiving words hit Nagudia's chest with a thud. One hand flew to his chest.
How am I going to find out what her father's threat is? Nagudia worried as his gaze remained on Edokpayi's large compound, filled with crowing cocks, laughing hens, bleating goats and sheeps. His throat tightened at the scent of impending trouble.

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