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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Will Olivia kick out her Gardener or will she give in? The Gardener's Ice Maiden #Contemporary #Romance

As this is the wonderful season of romance and love, I want to share the personality and interests of our leading female character in Flirty & Feisty Romance fourth Novel - The Gardener’s Ice Maiden in this incisive character interview.

What's your full name? Describe your looks (include colour of hair & eyes) and personality?

Olivia Gleave is my name. I have shoulder length, straight blond hair dyed bronze with light blue eyes.

After all I have been through, I’ll describe my personality as cautious, reserved and unable to trust as quickly as I would like to. Is that a bad thing? I'm not sure.

Where do you live and where does your family originate from? Do you have siblings? Tell us how old you  are today?

My family lives in a small town called New Ferry, Merseyside, located on the Wirral Peninsula in the North West of England. I recently returned from studying and working in the United States. It is nice to be back home, even if not everyone is pleased to have me back. A few people, including someone who is dear to me believes am better off getting lost in America!

I have a younger sister and I’m twenty something years old. Women don’t reveal their ages!

What do you do for a living? Are you religious? Are you athletic? What do you  do for leisure?

I trained as a dentist, but I have recently branched off to dental consultancy. Running my new business and consulting in a hospital keeps me mentally and physically occupied.

My family are Christians and so I am, but living it out on a daily basis can be quite challenging. God help me.

I can say I am fit but there isn’t much room in my life for sports. Too busy with work most of the time. For leisure, I try to play with my son and do right by him.

Are you in a relationship or do you have a crush on someone? Describe him to our readers?

I’m not in a relationship. Well...that isn’t entirely true. There’s someone who has his eyes and naughty fingers on me but he doesn’t fit into my world. No...that’s not completely true.

Okay, I don’t want a relationship at the moment, but my fluttering heart isn’t cooperating. I think I may have a crush on the handsome, deep voice Nigerian gardener I pay to spruce up my garden. That’s an awkward position to be in as a professional woman. Why won’t my immature heart consider the many medical doctors I work with on a daily basis?

Oliver Gbade Pedro is great with his my garden. When he bends over to uproot weeds or plant flowers, his firm butt pushes up at me as I peep through my bedroom window. His big sized, well toned and attractive muscle leaves me gasping for air and sweating at night.

How did you meet him? Is there anything noteworthy about your meeting? What draws you to him?

At an interview I organized to recruit a gardener whose sole job is to turn the dead ground in my new home to a place of beauty. It was poor judgement on my path to hire someone so confident, so cocky and outrageously handsome as Oliver to tend my garden. He wants to tend my life!

Oh, his African hair-style fascinates me. I can’t stop staring at him.

And what’s so irresistible about him is the fact that he never does what I ask of him. He drives me nuts.

Why is he the one you want to spend the rest of your life with? Do you want to have children?

Who says I want to spend the rest of my life with Oliver? If he plays his card right, we may have something deep going on but for now, I am taking it a day at a time. I have a nine year old son already. If I meet the right man...who knows? I might have more kids.

Have you ever cheated on your lover?

No, I haven’t. Why would I do that? If I want out, I’ll step out of the relationship.

What's the most embarrassing moment of your life?

Finding out I was pregnant at eighteen. I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me alive instead of facing my sanctimonious mother and the scandal that followed.


The Gardener's Ice Maiden - Blurb

Will the Ice Queen thaw?
When a single mum and brilliant dental consultant Olivia Gleave woke up to the reality that she was entangled in her gardener’s snare, she found it laughable. But when she found out too late that he's an ex-convict and an ex-gang member, it is confirmation their paths will lead to nowhere.
His pride is at stake

What the arrogant gardener wants, he pursues vigorously. Oliver Gbadeyan Pedro set his eyes on the well-bred, blue-blood, Ice Queen of the prominent Gleave’s family Manor. In his bid to get her, he paid a huge price... His sacrifice comes back to haunt him in the way he least expects. Will his search for the woman who is completely out of his financial, social and moral status be a total waste of time? Or do they have more in common than they both realize?
Come on board for this emotionally relaxing experience.

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