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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Learn to Love 'As is' #Imperfectlove #Marriage

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Here in the UK, we have stores that sell discounted products with labels stating 'purchase as is'

So when you buy the products, you don't know what the flaws are and you cannot return the goods. 

In life, we all live in the 'as is' department.

Simple Tips to a Happy Relationship:

In your relationship or marriage, if you want to have long term happiness and a fulfilling life, you must learn to accept your husband or wife or in-laws or other family member 'as is'.

In other words, don't spend time and energy trying to change them to become a reflection of who YOU want them to be. Why? Because you have flaws too. Nobody is perfect.

Know that everyone is a mixed bag of strengths and weaknesses, including YOU. So if you are looking for perfection in your husband, wife or other people, you are on the wrong planet.

For Your Peace of Mind, Do the Following:

1. Accept and love your husband or wife 'as is', the way they are. If they change for good, you are blessed.

2. Don't be fooled into thinking that your best friend's husband, or your male colleague or the man winking at you across the room is 'perfect' or 'normal'. He has flaws too.

3. If your relationship is an endless quest to fix your husband, control your wife or make them pretend to be someone they are not, then it is time to stop!

4. Love means allowing your husband to be himself and not to complain until he becomes a twisted image of himself.

5. Be gentle and bear with your husband or wife. I'm not a gentle woman sometimes, but I'm learning to be.

6. Readily let go of your anger, complaint or annoyance.

7.  Commit to love your husband or wife in spite of their flaws.
My husband can be pretty impatient and sometimes, I just switch off until he is himself again.

Remember, to truly love your husband or wife, you have to love them 'as is'. Focus on their strengths and support them where they are struggling (flaws).

Your love will cover their flaws.

I used to complain in my heart about my husband's impatience. When I found this theme on The UCB Word For Today, I came to a new decision: to carry on loving him as impatient as he is sometimes.

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