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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Indecent ~ So Seductive #NewRelease #Interracial #Indecent #ASMSG

Welcome to Book Spotlight

INDECENT ~ A Sizzling Romance Love Story!

 Dear Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels Readers, I'm super thrilled to announce the release of INDECENT ~ So Seductive.

INDECENT is an Interracial Romance story about Elna, a woman who wants nothing from any man but finds out she wants everything when she meets Tonye.

Read INDECENT to join Elna and Tonye on the hot road to seduction. 

~ A Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels ~

Every run-down property, Tonye Briggs touches turn to gold. He has a fiancée he cares about, a life he built up from scratch and an extended family who mean the world to him. 

When he crosses path with Elna Cardona, a university student who thinks she has every man figured out, he does not plan to stick his nose in Elna’s business at all. But it happened. Then he finds out there is more to this woman than he first thought. In digging out who she is and what she wants, he now wants to make her submit in more ways than one. He does not count on trading his heart or for things to spiral out of control.

Will Tonye settle for his steady fiancée or the woman who tears his world upside down?

~ From the Author of IRRESISTIBLE Passion: A BWWM Sweet & Steamy Romance ~

INDECENT is available on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Okada Books & Smashwords:

Behind her neck, Elna knotted the strings of her bikini top. In the flimsy fabric, her breasts were on show. She gave her reflection one last glimpse in the mirror in Tonye’s bedroom before she applied suntan lotion.

One look at the pile of magazines on the dresser and she knew what she had to do. Scooping four magazines in one hand, she glided out of Tonye’s room.

It was a week since she met Tonye and today was a beautiful and sunny Saturday morning in August, the nineteenth to be specific and it was perfect for a dip in the outdoor pool.

After her orgasm on the sofa last weekend, Tonye avoided her as if she had a plague. But he always stayed in touch, calling her often throughout the day. Listening to his husky voice over the phone was pure torture. She just wanted things to be normal between them.

Restless and idle during the week, she chatted with a few men online. It was fun and it made the days end quicker.

Then two days ago, out of boredom she opened the pages and read the Bible on Tonye’s bedside drawer. A few verses shocked her. …The wages of sin is death… There was another verse …What a man sows, he will reap also.

Of course, she stopped reading the bible after that. Every word seemed to pierce her conscience and strip her bare.

As Elna descended the stairs, she longed for the days she spent at the health spa, gym and all the other places that kept her active and distracted. She also missed not being able to hang around the bar to flirt with men.

Tossing her towel across her shoulder, she found her way to the outdoor pool. It was a relaxing and natural space interspersed with thriving foliage, many in decorated pots.

Without a second thought, she ditched her towel on the nearest recliner and dived into the pool. Coming up for air, she shook her hair and giggled as cool water calmed her body and nerves. Elna swam twelve straight laps.

After a strong swimming session, she sat on the tiled pool edge. Just as her breathing returned to normal, Elna heard footsteps across the patio a few yards from the pool. She craned her neck and caught a glimpse of Tonye’s retreating frame. A long sigh rushed out of her lips.

Minutes later, she saw Tonye approaching, but he was not alone. The pretty dark woman had her arm around his waist and she had a puppy dog look in her face as she stared up at him.

Something snapped inside Elna. Bile rose to her throat, and she quickly slithered back into the pool.

“Elna?” she heard Tonye call out before they stood by the pool edge.

Counting up to thirty, Elna remained underwater. Rising out of the water like a stunning swan, she answered in a breathy voice, “Hi Ton. Who’s our friend?

The woman’s eyes went from pure joy at being in Tonye’s arms to raging jealousy.

Tempted to smirk, Elna rested her chin on her arms near Tonye’s feet by the edge of the pool.

Elna’s use of Tonye’s shortened name did not go unnoticed by Tonye or his companion. The woman scowled, her eyes shot daggers at her rival. So Elna heaved her body out of the pool and stood in front of Tonye.

The pretty woman’s lips parted into a gasp as she took in Elna’s near-nude appearance.

Elna’s wet bikini top was slightly droopy, revealing more cleavage than was decent, but she did not bother to adjust her straps.

Tonye stepped between both women. 

“Ebitimi, meet Elna, the lady I told you about. She’s very interested in learning how to cook. Elna, meet my fiancée.” 

As Tonye turned to Elna, his expression hardened. “Ebitimi has been away and only returned to catch up with me in LA yesterday.”

That explained why Tonye harboured her in his home. 

“Oh, so it’s a case of when the cat is away, the mouse frolics and parties.” Elna dropped her sarcastic comment as she fluttered her eyelashes.

Ebitimi, who was already fuming rounded on her fiancé. “Tonye, what’s she talking about? Are you dating her or partying with her?”

Elna left the couple to battle as she brushed past him and sat on the chair a few yards away.

“Elna, what exactly are you talking about? We haven’t frolicked together. Tell her, come on.” Tonye’s tone stung with annoyance.

Not bothering to banter words with either of them, Elna stretched out on the recliner and crossed her legs at the ankle. She toyed with her bikini and stared at her peaked nipples.

“Tonye has taken good care of me. I have no complaints. As soon as you’re ready to teach me how to cook, just give me a shout.” Once she released her shot, Elna buried her face between the pages of the magazine she picked up.

Ebitimi raised both hands and paced about. “I can’t believe this Tonye. Who on earth is this woman you brought into your home? And why are you taking care of her? She’s naked for goodness sake! Don’t you see anything wrong with the way she’s dressed?”

“Ebitimi, let us go inside to talk. Elna’s swimming at the moment, leave her to it.”

Lowering her magazine with caution, Elna peeped at the couple, a grin on her face.

“Go inside to speak about the fact my fiancé is living with another woman? We agreed Tonye. We agreed to abstain until we got married. Did you lie to me?”

Tonye exhaled as he stared from Elna to Ebitimi.

What did Tonye expect? Elna wondered as she burst out laughing.

“Well, just in case he didn’t tell you…” Elna started to elaborate.

“Elna, don’t you dare! Ebitimi just arrived. It’s my place to fill her in,” Tonye interrupted, his eyes darkened with rage.

So Elna fell quiet.

“Out with it, Elna,” Ebitimi hissed. “Who are you and what are you doing in my fiancé’s home? Tell me what Tonye is hiding.” The woman’s eyes shone with fury and her big nose flared at the corners.

“I’m warning you, Ebitimi. Don’t listen to Elna. When we get inside, I’ll fill you in.”

“Stay out of this, Tonye. I don’t expect to hear the truth from you.”

Determined to rock the boat, Elna got up on her feet and approached the woman. “I’m Elna Cardona. I get paid for getting laid. And I pay for my education with the money. Sometimes, I call myself a lady of leisure.”

Ebitimi lifted up one hand. “Enough!” Then she turned on Tonye. But he had already escaped.

Ebitimi ran after Tonye in a fit of tears. “Tonye, I can’t believe you’ve been lying to me for a whole year. All the while you were preaching abstinence, you were busy sleeping with this dirty harlot.”

Elna smiled to herself. The woman was so stupid. “I never claimed Tonye slept with me,” she called out to Ebitimi. “You’re the one jumping to conclusions.” 

When the other woman did not stop to listen, Elna waited for five minutes before she walked inside with her towel wrapped around her head in turban style.

“I haven’t slept with her,” she heard Tonye say in a tone of steel.

“If you have nothing to do with her, why does she live in your bedroom? In your bedroom for goodness sake! This doesn’t make sense. I trusted you, Tonye. Why did you do it?”

“Ebitimi, I don’t know what you’re talking about. We’ve been together a year and you sound like you don’t even know me.”

From where Elna stood, she saw the pain in Tonye’s eyes.

“You don’t know what I’m talking about? Your bedroom is like a sex studio!” The woman huffed.

“I beg your pardon?” Tonye’s lips gaped open.

Since she moved into Tonye’s bedroom, he had not stepped in there, so he had no idea what Ebitimi accused him of.

“There are over ten panties, thongs and bras lying everywhere. The whole room is upside down. Is sex the only thing you think about when you’re with her?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Ebitimi.”

“Liar! What do you take me for? A fool?”
* * * * * *

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