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Thursday, 12 May 2011

What If Your Wife Can't Cook?

This is a volatile topic especially to African men. Let's assume that after getting married, charming Chris finds out his beautiful and loving wife Bola, can't fry an egg without burning it. His options are to either put up with it or kick her out! Supporters of the latter view (to kick your wife out)will justify this decision by convincing you that the way to a man's heart is through his rounded stomachs.

This is a matter close to the heart of most men. A woman has to KNOW how to cook. This assumption now has broken legs. When I was growing up, I took it in turn to cook with my elder sister. Did I enjoy it at that time? No! But today, I'm doubly proud I can cook. I'm indebted to my mother's training regime for her girls, who have become wives.

Today in the UK, I hear girls openly declare on TV that they're cooking disasters! The saving grace however, is the pride and joy with which British/European men take to the kitchen like ducks to water. I take off my hat to the men in this society who have consistently emerged as great cooks. My all time favourite TV chef by far is the Italian maestro, Gino D'Acampo. Passion is big for me, and Gino ticks all the boxes when it comes to cooking with flair, passion, history, Italian expressions, sea load of jokes and smiles.

Oftentimes, I've watched how Gino has saved many women from their cooking disasters. So, if your wife can't cook, don't faint! She isn't the only one who can't. There are a number of things she can do to redeem herself. She can immediately take cookery lessons online, attend lessons or download recipes that she can try at home until she perfects it. I do it all the time with non-African dishes.

Chris will have to be patient, making do with sandwiches while his wife learns how to cook. He's got to encourage her, providing his taste buds for sensory sessions, while she's perfecting her skills.

She can also enlist a family member or friend to teach her how to cook your favourite dishes for starters! If you can cook as a husband, look no further. You can lovingly teach your wife how to whip up your preferred meals. After the cookery lessons, lay the table, eat together, and turn it into a romantic session for two!

Listen women! Even if your husband can cook, there's still no escape for you. You've got to learn how to cook. For how long do you intend to hire help or rely on takeaway? In Africa, if you can't cook, your reputation is soiled.

So, get cooking and have fun exploring recipes together!

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