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Monday, 23 May 2011

What If Your Spouse Snores?

I'm determined to thrash the basic, knotty issues in marriage. Coping is what life is about. Moaning and losing precious sleep won't get you anywhere. Who told you life was a quick glide through?

I remember the day my husband told me, 'You snored a 'little' last night'. This comment was after eleven years of marriage! I'd never snored before then. Initially, I felt affronted. But when I saw the smile lurking around his teasing lips and his willingness to make light of it, I joined in the laughter. My response? I told him to nudge me if he hears me snore again. And, I nudge him too when he occasionally snores. Voila! Silly, one-off problem solved.

Dave married his princess, Isoken in a huge ceremony according to the Bini traditional law and custom. Afterwards, they entertained over eight hundred guests in an after church wedding reception.

On their wedding night, after they had done the expected, they went to sleep. Isoken woke up startled. She'd been rudely awakened by her husband's booming, snoring sound. On her fisrt night, she was kept awake. In the morning, she was grumpy, in a foul mood, stressed and red eyed.

The couple's first fracas was snoring related!

Here, I want to list a few practical tips. It's not the end of the world if your wife or husband has the habit of so many others. You can live with it and still enjoy a sound sleep. How?

A simple and quick nudge at the side to alter your partner's sleeping position can give you quick result. Sleeping on your back is a good position to snore. So, nudge them to sleep on their side. Try it, it works!

Another simple but effective solution is to wear an earplug! There are cute, colourful shapes available. Plug them in your ear and sleep through the snoring sound! One human weakness won't make you lose your will for survival!

Isoken should lovingly broach the subject. Laugh about it, tease her partner silly about the defeaning sound, and her loss of sleep.

Again, why not try an easy timing tactics? Go to bed a little earlier. When you're deeply asleep, hopefully, you won't be shocked into a sleepless state of anger?

I hear nasal strips works. Other cures includes nasal spray, anti snoring guard etc. Your doctor will advise you better. Together, you can can visit a doctor if all else fails. Give your partner moral support, next time, it may be your turn.

If your partner is overweight, start encouraging him or her to begin exercising and eating healthily. Your role includes helping your partner be the best they can be. Don't shy away from this hard stuff. Does your partner smoke? These (overweight and smoking) are contributory factors to snoring. What can you do? There are various support networks to help your partner step off the smoking ladder.

Go on and live happily ever after with your snoring or cured partner!
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