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Wednesday, 27 April 2011


In my previous blog (see last post), I made it clear my personal definition of love included, putting another first, being unselfish and remaining faithful.

In this write-up, I can tell you authoritatively that;

4. Love is very patient.

You wonder why a woman can tolerate a husband that is an alcoholic, violent, unfaithful etc. for ten years for example.

It is because she dreams and hopes that one day, he'll change and become a better person.

5. That's because love bears all things (good and bad!) She magnifies her husband's good character (e.g. if he's generous, good with the kids, is helpful and shows great affection when he's sober) in her heart and holds on to that.

Only recently, I heard a wife who has being living with an alcoholic and violent husband for over five years say, 'He's not a bad man, I just want him to get help for his addiction and anger'. Her attitude is right and commendable in that love never fails.

In the last blog I asked the question, how can you cheat on a partner you love? I'm flipping the coin now as I ask, 'Would you forgive a cheating wife or husband?'

My personal answer is a resounding, 'Yes!' Why?

6. Love covers a multitude of sin. If you can rise above the pain, anger, humiliation and betrayal by God's grace, then, you can heal the life of your erring partner with your love and patience. Your relationship would emerge stronger and you would have learned to value one another and not take each other for granted.

7. Love isn't arrogant and does not behave rudely.
If a partner earns more, or is more popular and sought after, it's not a license to rub it in your less economically empowered wife/husband's face. Money and fame have wings and can take flight at any time.

What is lasting is the love between you and your partner. Of what use and joy is your celebrity status and wealth if your loved ones can't share in the fame and glory?

And for those who go checking their partners phone for text messages from other women or men, STOP!

8. Love isn't provoked and thinks no evil. Paranoia plays a large part in the breakdown of many marriages. If you want a lasting relationship, don't build your marriage on gossip and hearsay. It will surely fall apart.

And when something goes wrong in your friendship or relationship, PRAY and FORGIVE because love never is patient.

So, what are you waiting for? Go on loving your partner, children, family, friends and neighbours.

Happy Loving...from Flirty & Feisty Romance

To read more on what love means, read 1Corinthians chapter 13.

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