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Friday, 22 April 2011


Welcome to the new series of LOVE. I'm going to be looking at many components of LOVE.

We often ask ourselves or others, 'What is love?' I can't answer that question thoroughly myself. I'll try to anyway.

1. In a relationship or in life, Love means putting another first. That is what I think it should be.

But do I always put my husband or my children first? NO!

Does that mean I don't love them? Of course I LOVE THEM!

Let me try another definition.

2. Love is wanting what is best for my husband or children, family, friend or neighbour.

This implies a sacrificial way of life. Hmmm... Many times in my marriage, I have made decisions and acted in ways that show I want what is best for my family. But at other times, I have dragged my feet!

I remember when the idea of living abroad was first mentioned by my husband when we first got married over a decade ago. I told him point blank, 'I'm not relocating anywhere, if we don't own a house in Nigeria'.

As the years flew by, the pressure from him grew. Six years after we got married, we moved into our own home built by God's grace.

When my elder sister who lived in England asked if I wasn't going to visit her sometime, I told her that if she sent me a ticket, I'll cash it and use it to roof my house.

But after repeated armed robbery attacks on my family and the consequent psychological effect on my husband, I finally agreed to relocate to England. I guess it was God's time, because it all went so easily and smoothly.

It took me 8years to give in to what was best for my husband!!! How LOVING?

Okay, so I haven't quite convinced myself that I'm capable of LOVING all of the time.
Let me give it another try. Love means being faithful and true to your partner, children, family, friend etc.

3. If you love your husband or wife you wouldn't cheat on them. Or how can you love someone and run behind their backs and play dirty?

Oh no! I can't even think about cheating on my husband. I love him! How can I? I fear GOD! My God will be so cross with me.

The consequences would be horrendous. God is Faithful to me and to my family. How
can I be unfaithful to the husband God gave me? To make it super sweet, my husband treats me better than you would any precious jewel, thank God.


So my advice to you is when you think of cheating on your partner, pray for God to lead you out of temptation. Instead, dream up innovative ways to be a more exciting lover with your partner.

Add sparkle to your lovemaking, touch your partner in over a million ways and places, talk sexual, text sexual, talk, talk, talk...and you can be sure of reviving your love life!

Besides, why look out of your marriage to another when you haven't finished exploring the partner you have?

If you love your friends, you won't gossip or spread awful tales about them to others. It's that simple. I guess loving our children is the simplest and most straightforward of all. True! We always want what is best for them.

If loving is easy, how come sometimes it's so hard for me to give up what I want for what others want? Despite my best effort, I can still be quite selfish! It's still a prayer point. Sometimes, I tease my husband when he complains about my shortcomings saying, 'I need to give you some prayer point...otherwise, I'll be perfect'.

Keep your fingers on this page as I explore more on WHAT LOVE IS.

Our to deliver an intensely emotional experience you'll never forget.

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