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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Royal Cowries #RomanticSuspense #PNR #Fantasy #Bookcover

Welcome to Book Showcase 

Dear Romance Readers, 

My Suspense-filled, Historical & Paranormal Romance Novel, titled:
Royal Cowries has a brand new cover!!!

Along with my unforgettable characters, you will go on an exciting and heart-wrenching ride of a lifetime. I promise you an emotional roller-coaster, complete with intrigue in exotic Africa. Read Cowries Series Book 1 as a standalone and there is no cliff hanger.

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~ The warmth in their hearts is so deep ~

Pushed to marry a man she would never pick for herself, Uvbi hatches a way out to

undermine the rule of law. Getting out of the age old tradition will cost Uvbi her dignity and freedom.

When Nagudia, who conceals his past to gain freedom in the land, rescues Uvbi in the bush, he has no idea his life will become entangled with hers in a bizarre way. After the rescue, Uvbi issues a threat to Nagudia in the bush before she disappears.

With his conscience on fire, Nagudia wants to do everything in his power to find Uvbi. The journey to bring her back will uncover truths locked away in his heart. Will they embrace the warmth in their hearts or succumb to the rule of law.

~ From the Author of His Ring: A Sweet & Steamy Romance ~


‘What brings you into the Wandering Forest, young maiden?’ The unexpected voice came from nowhere.

Uvbi’s fingers lost its grip and she slid down the bark of the tree.

Her feet dangled.

Then, Uvbi grabbed the nearest branch and wrapped her feet around the stem as she held her breath. Her head swung left and right in search of the voice.

The great skill of tree climbing she acquired from her many visits to the bushes unescorted, saved her life as an eerie silence enveloped the forest.

Very slowly, Uvbi climbed down the tree, fell to the dry earth and immediately scrambled to her knees.

‘Who are you?’ she asked, whilst cowering.

‘I ask, what brings you to the Forest of Fear?’ the voice repeated.

‘I have done no wrong,’ she pleaded.

Only the ringing calls of birds and crickets chirping grew louder in her ears.

Her gaze darted back and forth. Then, she heard the sound of footsteps.

Uvbi shut her eyes as death seemed inevitable.

‘Spirit of the Forest, I...I...escaped from the hands of wicked men who wanted to enslave me. Plea...please don’t harm me,’ she begged.

Laughter rang out, and echoed for a long time. The sound, more like a crude machete hitting the stem of a tree sent lightning bolt through her backbone.
    ‘You’re on a great journey, young maiden of Igodomigodo land. Your days in the forest are numbered. Your destiny lies in another land.

Royal Cowries is available on the following sites:  

Amazon UK   

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