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Pick Any Flirty & Feisty Romance Book

Pick Any Flirty & Feisty Romance Book
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Friday, 16 December 2016

MISLED by @PenelopeMarshall #Newrelease #RomanticSuspense


Available on Amazon

My dear Author friend, Penelope Marshall is showcasing her hot new release, MISLED: A Mafia Romance. Read the intriguing excerpt the below.

Misled is now available on Amazon.


Penelope Marshall and Tia Lewis
Release Date: December 16th
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Mixing business with pleasure was not my usual MO as a bounty hunter—until her. She was scared and alone, running from the very man who'd hired me to hunt her down. I knew what he'd do if I turned her over—she wasn't going to make it out alive. Common sense told me to look the other way. After all, no one f*cked with the Sabella crime family—until now.


I lightly patted her face. "Wake up, wake up, wake up." She didn’t move.  Gently, I laid her on the dirty concrete, brushing her hair from her mouth.  "C'mon, Mellissa, wake up."
Kneeling down, I pinched her nose shut as I smashed my lips against hers, forcing a deep breath into her lungs. She was soft, and tasted like honey. I could've lost myself in her if I wasn’t so busy trying to save her life. She didn’t respond, so I clasped my fingers together, pressing both hands down hard on her chest, pressing then releasing, trying to jump start her heart.
C'mon, woman. Wake up!
She wasn’t responding. Again, I pinched her nose, taking a deep breath before leaning over to press my lips to hers. Her chest moved slightly which relieved me.
But why was I relieved? I knew what was going to happen the minute I turned her over to Sal. Letting her die now would probably be more humane, but I couldn't.  I blew one last breath into her mouth, filling her lungs with the life-giving oxygen she so desperately needed.
Breaking the bond between our lips, I gazed intently at her—waiting. Her lids, slowly, fluttered open, revealing her light brown eyes. The sun beaming between the buildings turned them orange, and set her smooth olive skin aglow.
Her tears began to well, and I knew she was terrified. Pressing my palm over her ear, I caressed her cheek with my thumb, wiping away a drop which had escaped the corner of her eye. I didn't know what made me do it—a lapse in judgment—a weak moment? Did I really want to know? Probably not.
"It's gonna be okay," I whispered.
She shut her lids, forcing out a few more tears. "It's not going to be okay. No one will ever know the truth."

 * * * * * *
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