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Monday, 30 November 2015

#Romance #Quotes #Monday89

Welcome to Romance Quotes Monday!
Hello Romance Lovers,

My weekend was quite relaxing. Loved it. Slept a lot. Played with my kids and had fun with my husband.

By now, you know my Interracial Christmas Novel  - Seduced Hearts: A Body ~ Tingling Romance - was released last Wednesday.

Already, one reader sent me the most beautiful comments about Seduced Hearts, last night. I will share the comments with you on Wednesday. So, please check back.

On Romance Quotes today, I have three heart-melting love quotes from Xavier and Efua Flonta, the hero & heroine from Seduced Hearts

You can share these quotes with the special person in your life.


RomQuote #1 
“Love means getting hurt and still, you want to go on.” ~ Efua Flonta.
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 RomQuote #2

“No time for tears or fear my honey love. I’ll race you to the pool. We’re going to swim naked and I’m going to show you how much you mean to me.” ~ Xavier Flonta.
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RomQuote #3

“Hey, honey love. We’re good. By God’s grace we’re going to get even stronger. No matter what happens, you’re my precious jewel. Night and day isn’t going to change the truth. When I’m with you or away from you, no woman compares with you. I love you, Efua…” ~ Xavier Flonta.
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You are deeply appreciated.

 Have a fabulously romantic week,


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