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Friday, 30 October 2015

Upcoming #Interracial #Romance Novel #BWWM

Welcome to Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel ~ Update

A few days ago, I started writing Flirty & Feisty Romance 12th Novel.

Long before I started, I knew I was going to write a story in time for Christmas 2015. But I was not sure where to begin.

I wondered how to hook readers from the beginning.

Next, I debated the main characters race. Yet again, I wanted to go outside my comfort zone. I love to push boundaries. In Stolen Valentine Kiss, my heroine was an American and the heroine was mixed race - Nigerian/British. 

And in both Forbidden Dance and Tempting Desire, my heroes were British and heroines were Nigerians.

Once I made up my mind about their race, the rest was easy.

The book title was decided by my very good friend and supporter, Felicia Welch-Reevers and myself. We eventually settled for the title - SEDUCED HEARTS.

After procrastinating for a couple of weeks, on Sunday, I wrote chapter one. The next day when I completed chapter two, I was so relieved.

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Then I wrote what I thought was chapter three. But it has turned out to be chapter five! The main characters had a big fight and would not let me sleep. I had to stay up late at night to write down their arguments on my laptop.

It is my hope that my characters find a way to work through their problems. Chapter five is done. Right now, I have no idea how their story is going to end because at the moment, they are so hurt and upset.

I will let you know if a happy-ever-after happens for these two in time for Christmas - the wonderful season of hope.

Seduced Hearts will be released at the end of November or in early December 2015.

Oh, the thrill of writing a new story never wanes.

If you have a story to tell, get it written. Good luck to all writers getting ready for NaNoWrimo.

You are welcome to guess the race of the characters of Seduced Hearts. Have fun this weekend.

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You are deeply appreciated.

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