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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Tempting Desire #Romance #CoverReveal #BWWM #Interracial

Welcome to Sneak Peak
Tempting Desire ~ Cover Reveal

For over two months, I have reworked one of my old stories. I'm so excited to introduce you to Onome Keyamu, a glamorous TV host and Roman Gordon, a sexy Fitness Instructor. 
In Tempting Desire, Onome and Roman are going to pull you kicking and screaming into their hearts and head as you discover what makes them tick and flip. 
Tempting Desire

Author: Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku
Genre: Romance/Contemporary/Interracial
Release Date: Wednesday 23rd Sept 2015

Coming Soon

I hope you like Tempting Desire book cover. It was designed by the fabulous cover designer, Maria Lazarou. On my behalf, please stop over at Maria's Facebook page to give her a like. Thank you.

In the Sneak Peak below, Onome and Roman are out on a date. Enjoy.

On the dance floor, Roman pulled Onome into his arms, and they danced for a long while. No words were spoken or needed. Their bodies fused. He caressed her neck, and trailed his tongue down her exposed cleavage. His fingers cuddled one breast.

Liquid fire speared her chest. She moaned as current trickled down her stomach.

Oh, she wanted so much more.

Roman pushed one thigh between hers. She grasped his shoulders and their eyes collided. Her body shuddered in his arms as fireworks hissed in her chest.

With heavy lidded eyes, she begged, ‘Roman darling, please not here, please.’

He withdrew his fingers.

‘This is a first for me, Onome. Usually, I take what I want. If I want a woman, and she wants me, we end up between the sheets.’ His fingers grazed the sensitive flesh beneath her breasts.

She touched one finger to his lips. ‘I’m different. I choose the men I fall into bed with, Roman.’

A wide grin appeared on his full lips. ‘At the moment, business wise, I’ve so many projects coming up. I don’t have the time for a relationship. Too time consuming, Onome. Let us enjoy the short time we have now.’
While he spoke, his fingers stroked behind her back. ‘The last thing I need is a demanding woman tearing my busy schedule into shreds. I thought you would be easy to shake off. But you’re gutsy, brazen and fearless. Add flippant and cheeky to the list.’ His voice was like a caress. ‘You explode at my slightest touch, yet, you’re so shy. An interesting contrast.’

He was so brutal with his words, it hurt. At least she knew where she stood with him. Nowhere. Holding his sapphire blue gaze for a long moment, she quipped.
‘We’re two of the same kind, Roman. My schedule is so choked at the moment. I can’t find room large enough to fit you in. Besides, I’ve no time for serious commitment.’

His eyes dimmed and his lips curled at one end.

Very slowly, he stretched her top over her cleavage. His long fingers brushed the tip of her nipple.

They both shivered. And he brushed his lips over hers, tasting and teasing. When their eyes clashed, there was no hiding place. Their attraction was undeniable.

‘We can please each other, Onome. I know where I want to be. In your bed, nestling between your breasts. ’

‘Take it from me. I want you as much as you want me, Roman. But I’m not going to give into temptation. I know I’ll regret it. But I appreciate your honesty. I really do.’

He trailed sweet lines along her nape. ‘All of a sudden, I want more from you, Onome. So much more.’

She dropped her gaze. With one finger, he held up her chin.

‘The soulful expression in your eyes coupled with your soft plea have given my conscience a tough time.’ Roman pushed his fingers through his hair. Here I am, a man running away from commitment with one woman who wants the same thing. Why don’t I feel good about my catch, Onome? I should be relieved and grateful. But I’m not.’

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