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Monday, 27 April 2015

#Romance #Quotes #Monday 59

Welcome to Romance Quotes Monday!
Happy Romantic Monday to you!

Do you remember your first kiss with your sweetheart? I remember mine. Not the date, just the kiss that melted and won my heart.

I have three romance flavoured eCards for you today. The words are sweetly touching and I hope you send the cards to your loved one this week.


RomQuote #1

The words in the first romantic eCard reads;

"When I am with you the whole world seems to fall away. I love you so very much".

RomQuote #2

The words in the second romantic eCard  reads;
"When I feel lonely, and nothing seems to charm, I go to a special place that make me feel so warm. That favourite place I love to be...Is nowhere but your arms, Sweetheart. Darling, all I need is your loving caress and to be really close to your heart. Happy Hug Day".
RomQuote #3
The words in the  third romantic eCard reads;

"This day reminds me of our first kiss, when your lips not just touched mine but my heart and soul. There are moments when I fall deeper in love with you. Today, all I wish is to live many more of such precious moments with you when our hearts speak more than words could say. My Sweetheart, I love you!"

The romantic cards are courtesy of Click on the link to play the content of each card.
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You remain unforgettable.

Have a very romantic week.



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