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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

You Cried With Me #MidWeekTease9 #MWTease #KissMyLips

Hello! Welcome to a new round of sexy MidWeek Tease hosted by Sandra Bunino.

Every Wednesday on MidWeek Tease, writers and authors share a bit from their published work or work-in-progress.

One of my current WIP - Kiss My Lips (A sequel to Stolen Valentine Kiss) is moving along so fast, I'm left gasping! The last two chapters are underway.

Last week from Kiss My Lips, you met Lorna pushing Logan to his lustful limit and putting a spin on their promise to stay sex-free before the wedding.

In this scene, Lorna has had a run in with her dad, her aunt thought it wise to intervene and Logan shows his subtle side.

Enjoy The Teaser!

KISS MY LIPS - Teaser 
(Sequel to Stolen Valentine Kiss)

Aunt Nneka went to Lorna, wrapped her hands around her niece and whispered in her ears.

"I know. I love you so much, Lorna. Shhshh. Everything is going to be just fine, I promise, Lorna. I promise," she said in solemn voice.

To Lorna's shock, her father didn't challenge the accusations she had flung at him. Instead, he bowed his head and his breakfast was left untouched.

She almost asked, what happened to the man who talked tough and nearly split the table in half yesterday?

The door bell sounded.

Lorna lifted her teary face out of her aunt's arms.

"Who else are you expecting this morning? You have more surprises in store for me, auntie?"

Instead of answering the question, her aunt glanced over at her brother.

"Please get the door, Kanu. I'll quickly get changed. Make my guest welcome. Will you?"

Lorna looked from the woman rushing off to her father striding towards the front door. She plucked out tissue from her bag, wiped off streaks of wet mascara and sat on the bar stool by the kitchen island. She poured herself a glass of mango juice and was sipping the drink when her father came back with Logan in tow.

The glass slipped out of her right fingers but she rescued it with her left hand. Her stomach muscles contracted instantly. Her feet rushed ahead and she threw herself into Logan's outstretched arms.

He scented of warm balsam. She inhaled as her head rested on the hard plane of his chest wall. Pure joy leaked out of her heart, flooding her entire body. The arms holding her were all taut muscle and strength. She wrapped her arms round his silk shirt and burst into tears.

"Maybe I should leave you two," her father excused, walking in the direction of the second guest bedroom through the hallway.

Logan guided his fiancee to the sofa. He sat down and pulled her down to sit across
Emotional Logan
his thighs.

Lorna sobbed. Logan let her cry. From time to time, he wiped her face. Through her tears, she saw a tiny trickle of moisture down one lane of his cheek.

"Are you crying, Logan?" She asked, not quite sure he understood her pain. She wiped one finger over the wetness and then, she saw another small tear, drop out of his right eye.

With her face only inches from his, Lorna kissed his lips. The kiss was raw and hungry as her tongue plunged into his mouth, demanding and taking. Her nipples stiffened in her body-hugging sun yellow top.

Logan's arms crashed around her shoulders and the tough wall of his chest teased her nipples taut and she pressed her breasts into his torso. His tongue dipped into her mouth, taking control and sending flickers of burning heat through her thighs.

"Your dad and aunt are here, sweetheart. Do you want me to show them how much you mean to me?" Logan's sensible words brought her back to her aunt's living room. And she leaned her head on his forehead.

"When I saw the tear drop from your eye, fireworks exploded in my chest. You cried with me, Logan," she said in awe.

"Did I?" Logan shrugged, running one finger across her lips. "Love is a strange emotion, Lorna. Your pain is my pain and your joy is mine."

Copyright Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku 2014


Here's the blurb for Book 1 - Stolen Valentine Kiss (Holiday Series)

One broken heart. Two grieving minds.

To Lorna Ibe, Departmental Manager with one of London's multi-channel retailers,

Valentine's Day lost its romantic flavour years ago. An unplanned holiday to New Jersey is her perfect getaway from the stress and emotional turmoil locked in her heart, just what she needs to take her mind off her troubles. That's until she runs into Logan.

Magazine publisher, Logan Blake has had his fair share of stress in the past few years. When his sister asks him to drop off old clothes to charity, he has a minor accident in front of the charity shop where Lorna volunteers. When he sets eyes on her bare midriff as she wipes the display window, he clears his busy schedule to volunteer his time. Two burdened hearts afraid to get entwined.

One Stolen Valentine Kiss. Will Valentine season bring them romance or will their fears keep them apart?

Stolen Valentine Kiss is available on Amazon and on Smashwords


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