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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

We are getting married in Kiss My Lips #MWTease10 #Romance

Welcome to another round of sexy MidWeek Tease hosted by Sandra Bunino.

Every Wednesday on MidWeek Tease, writers and authors share a bit from their published work or work-in-progress.

I'm sharing from Kiss My Lips (A sequel to Stolen Valentine Kiss) - My W-I-P. The joyous task of editing has just started. I can't get Lorna and Logan out of my head.

Previously, you saw Logan shed a tear or two after Lorna had a run in with her dad.

In this week's scene, Lorna and Logan have a big announcement to make. But her father has other plans.

Enjoy The Teaser!

KISS MY LIPS - Teaser 
(Sequel to Stolen Valentine Kiss)

"Behave yourself, Logan!" The reprimand sounded more like a sexy chant. His arms lingered on Lorna's belly, pulling her back into his arms from behind and nuzzling her neck. 

A tremor ran down Lorna's spine.

Once they lifted their heads, their eyes met the inquiring gaze of her father. Aunt Nneka stood beside him. Lorna tried to wriggle free but Logan locked his arms around her waist.

"You're not going anywhere," he murmured in her ear. 

Another shiver rocked her body. She went still in his arms. With discreet movement, she tried to pry his hands from her curves. 

"For goodness sake, I need to act serious in front of my parents." 

But Logan's fingers pinched hers and she sucked in air.

"Tell them," he drawled an impish grin on his face. 

Not like this, she wanted to yell, wrapped in your arms with both of them staring at us as if we are on a romcom movie. 

The look of expectation on their audience faces unnerved her. She lost her tongue for a brief second. 

"Ouch!" Lorna blurted, glaring at her fiancé. He had just pinched her backside. Why does Logan keep doing that? 

"Okay, we have an announcement to make," she eventually mouthed, a naughty grin splashed on her face. 

Her aunt leaned on the polished, wooden kitchen counter, her eyes widening and her dad stared ahead. 

Logan's fingers drifted around her ribs and she swallowed.

"Logan and I are getting married next month. We don't want to wait till December."  There, she had said it.

Her father gasped!

Aunt Nneka danced.

Her dad glared at his sister. "Next month? That's not feasible!" He barked through clenched teeth. 

Logan's arms on her hips stiffened, nearly snapping her waist in two.

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