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Monday, 29 September 2014


Another free gift wrapped as a new day. Hello and welcome to Romance Quotes Monday.

To ignite your relationship into a lovely mood this week, I have selected three love quotes  from Mills & Boon Desire 2 -in - 1 that touched my heart.
Book Title: Thirty-Day Affair
Author: Maureen Child.
Genre: Contemporary romance
ISBN: 978-0263858945
For the first time in years, I finished reading this novel (paperback) in 2days. I couldn't put it down. My kindle is down and out, so I reverted to the paperback in my closet. Lol! I enjoyed holding a book in my hands.

The quotes are from the grumpy lips of gorgeous Nathan Barrister to the lovely Keira Sanders. I hope you love the quotes as much as I do.

RomQuote #1

"But the truth is, nothing is the same for me anymore, Keira. You changed everything, I love you."

RomQuote #2

"I need you, Keira. Can't imagine my life without you in it. We'll live here on the mountain if you want. Build our own place however you want it..."

RomQuote #3

"I need you to have one (engagement ring), the biggest damn diamond we can find. No, wait. Not one. Two diamonds. Or three or four. We'll look."

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Thank you so much for visiting and for reading. I wish you a love-coated week.
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