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Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Mind-Blowing Editing of Sparkling Dawn #Romance #NewBookCover

SPARKLING DAWN - Hero and Heroine

Meet fiery, red-haired Chloe, a woman with an axe to grind and green-eyed Warren, a man determined to claim the woman from his past.


In early June 2014, editing work started on Sparkling Dawn - the fifth Novel in Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels, first published in July 2011.

To Mark Sparkling Dawn third anniversary and taking readers feedback into consideration, I decided to put lessons learnt in my four years writing journey to test by re-launching this ununforgettable story.

I acquired (more like, she found me) a fantastic editor, Dorothy May Mercer who showed no mercy in highlighting in red colour, the areas in the novel requiring improvement. I must confess, editing isn't for the faint-hearted. Lol!

As a writer, when you pick up your published work after a couple of years and read it through a magnifying glass, sometimes, you wonder whether you wrote the book. *Smile*

Errors that didn't jump out at you before, scream; "here I am".

The New Sparkling Dawn has gone through intense surgery. There were days I logged in seven straight hours! In editing the story, I fell in love again with Chloe and Warren, but had to trim off all the "fat"!

To share my experience with you, the "fat" my editor wouldn't tolerate, includes;
the use of flowery, long-winding language, similar adjectives describing the same thing, too many adverbs, inconsistent tenses, telling instead of showing, frequent use of "that" etc.

Also, in line with one reader's comment, the language was too formal. We have now minimized the use of "perhaps" and rewritten several dialogue and action scenes to make it read and flow better. You will find the new novel to your taste. Lol!

To my relief, I have sent off my edited copy to Dorothy. I was tempted to do my traditional dance, but I'll wait until she gives the file an all clear.


Join me to celebrate the new cover, designed by author and fabulous critic, Bryden Lloyd.

My editor emailed her response this morning.

"Hi Stella, OMG! Your cover (Sparkling Dawn) is fantastic! Just beautiful! And so smart with the sun dawning and all".

Thank you to my dear friend and poet, Celestine Nudanu and my lovely fellow Romance Writers of West Africa authors (Netty Ejike, Kiru Taye, Nana Prah, Seun Odukoya, Bebe Hamidu and Empi Darko - who gave helpful feedback on the cover. And thank you to my dear friend and author, Simone Beaudelaire for tweaking the blurb to an exciting new height and the very amazing Maya (Lovebites & Silk) for formatting consultation.

Designed by author, Bryden Lloyd
Genre: Contemporary Romance
First Published: July 2021
Pages: 272
New Release Date: June 2014
Editor: Dorothy May Mercer (author and publisher)


Years ago, Chloe developed a secret crush on Warren, but a painful event led her to believe
she had been set up. To preserve family ties, she kept the humiliating incident and her subsequent actions secret.

Now, a high-powered freelance fashion journalist, Chloe intends to live her jet-set life to the fullest, until her former crush unexpectedly knocks on the door.

Warren is still drawn to Chloe and has no idea why she holds back from him. Will they reconcile, or will Chloe's secret tear Warren's family reputation apart?


Reaching for his polo shirt, Chloe tugged at the top, intending to rid Warren of the offending material. Making it easy for her, he flung the shirt off in one swift movement.

   Her hot lips latched onto one nipple. Not letting him dictate the pace of this passionate session, her fingers caressed his tight abdomen, his sinewy flesh clenched and unclenched.

Warren sucked in his breath. “I haven’t quite finished my speech, Chloe.”

   She claimed his mouth with hers. “You do the talking, while I explore your body,” she whispered into his ear as she tried to work his belt loose.

   As her soft flesh made contact with his pelvis, he gritted his teeth to control the rush of blood and tender emotion gathering in his groin.

Grabbing hold of both her hands, he issued his threat. “If you don’t keep your fingers under control, we’ll never get to the really important bit.”

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To be included once my editor is happy! Fingers crossed, in about a week's time.

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