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Friday, 30 December 2011


How well do you stick with the only person you took an oath to be with for life?

When your wife is anxious about work do you tell her not to bother or do you ignore her worries and fears?
If your husband is planning to ask his boss for a raise or setting up a business, or going for an interview, pray for his success and text to wish him luck. And when he returns, have ready words of celebration or encouragement depending on the outcome. Tell him you believe in his ability, that it’s only a question of time before he achieves his dream, or clinch his desired job. Say it until he believes it. He’ll remember your words of support in his quiet moment and he’ll draw strength from that. Husbands do the same for your wives.

Are you trying for a baby and is taking too long? Why don’t you explore the route of adoption? You’ll be doing more for humanity than you can ever realize. And in time you may have your own children. It’s a time to stick together, not to tear apart.

Husband and wife join hands to make your home a warm sanctuary, where you can return each day from the stress of daily living. A ready smile, a warm hug, a kiss on the lips, a rub on the back, a massage around the neck and shoulders to relieve tension and collecting the bag of shopping at the door will go a long way to show your love, comfort and support. Share your news and dreams - good or bad. Soften the blows others deal out to either of you.
Husband, heal your wife’s physical, social, spiritual or emotional wounds, above all believe in her.

Most importantly, women open your mouth with wisdom and let your tongue be filled with kind words. When you call your husband unprintable names for any reason, you show gross disrespect and display unwholesome values. One way out is to apologize and state exactly what you’re unhappy with.

A wife whose husband’s heart safely trusts in her, who does her husband good, not evil and who willingly works with her hand to financially support her family...her worth is far above precious stones, her children will rise up and call her blessed, her husband will praise her and her own works will praise her too. When they speak of women, you will be tooted as excelling them all.

When my husband calls me ‘My Beautiful One’ I feel like I’m floating in a cloudless sky.

Love isn’t love except you give it away.

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