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Thursday, 28 September 2017

20 Steps from #Writing to #Publishing - Part 2 #Writingtips #indie

Several aspiring authors have asked me the same question - how do you go from writing to publishing?

So I decided to blog about the many steps I take from writing my Flirty & Feisty Romance stories to publishing them.
About a month ago, I shared the 15 steps I take to write and publish my romance novel - Part 1.

However, I stopped at when I email my first draft to my editor. As promised, I'm going to continue to share my experience.

Before I continue, I want to share good news. My New Release, titled, All of Me ~ A Sweet & Steamy Romance is available on Amazon, Smashwords & Okada Books.

All of Me ~ Blurb

“Incredibly hot, pushy & a real hunk, my neighbour, Jermaine is so in my face, I can hardly breathe on my own. He has a body any woman dreams about with hard lines, tight ass, muscled with tattoos along his arms and inviting lips that keeps me gasping. Yet, I know he’s wrong for me, but tell that to my aroused body as night after night, his chiselled figure pulls me closer in my dreams. I’ve got to remind myself Jermaine double-crossed me, plus my secret taunts me, so there’s no way we can be together. Not a chance!”
~ Roli Boyo

“I’m in London to find a woman who’s even-tempered, homely and has not given her heart to any other man. Someone who wants me with her whole heart. By a twist of fate, I run into my next-door neighbour, Roli, a stunning model who speaks her mind no matter what. Although she has a list of exes’ and a boyfriend I’ve not seen, she makes my chest tighten and I want to capture her full lips with mine. But she has done something I can’t accept. Yet my feet keep dragging me to her front yard even though I know nothing can come out of our escapades. Absolutely nothing!”
~ Jermaine Tucker

Will Roli and Jermaine find comfort in each other’s arms?

~ From the ~ Author of “You’re Mine”: A Sweet & Steamy Romance ~

* * * * * *

To get my 7 tips on how to write a blurb, click here.

20 Steps from Writing to Publishing: - Part 2

When I get the first draft back from my editor, I do the following:

16. I scroll through every page of the document to review all the corrections and changes suggested by my editor. If I'm happy with the suggestions, I accept the changes. 

. But if I feel a specific word or sentence suggested will alter the meaning or the character's behaviour, I leave it out and stick to my original word or sentence.

18. There have been instances where my editor's suggestion triggers the changes I need to make even if her own alteration might not fit into a paragraph or scene.

19. Once I have completed the review, I read the entire book again from start to finish. This is the final reading and I read to enjoy the book as a reader would.

20. As I read for the final time, I dot all the i's and cross all the t's. This is what I call polishing the story. Usually, at this stage, every aspect of the story fits nicely together.

eBook Cover Creation
21. I create my eBook Cover using
All of Me - eBook Cover

Paperback Cover Creation
22. I create my Paperback cover using the eBook Cover (from Canva) and Maria Lazarou, the professional, reliable and affordable cover designer from Obsessed by Books Design.

Upload Doc to Createspace (paperback)
23. Once my book covers are ready, I upload the PDF copy (for full cover) of my book design and PDF file for my story to 
All of Me - Paperback Full Cover for

I opt for the Expert Upload button. But for new writers, you can click on the Step-by-Step upload button. Every step will be explained as you go along.

24. It takes about 24hrs to get a reply from Createspace. If my book meets their requirement, then I click to review online. If I'm satisfied with my online proof, I click to APPROVE my paperback version online. After several books, I now skip step 25).

25. My Advice: For new writers, I will advise you to not to approve your book online. Instead:
a) Click to order a PROOF copy. You pay the cost of production which varies with the number of pages in your books. But it is cheap. 
b) Then read the hard copy when you receive it.
c) Make any final corrections.
d) Re-upload your book.
e) Approve your book.

Amazon Kindle
26. The moment I approve my paperback copy with Createspace, I upload my eBook via Amazon Kindle Publishing.

27. Publishing your eBook with Amazon is fast and easy. Just follow the simple steps to upload your eBook Cover and word document. It takes about 12 - 24hrs for my book to appear on Amazon Marketplace.

28. The moment my book is available on Amazon Kindle, I upload to two other online sites: and Both sites publish the books immediately.

29. To make sure my book is available to readers on, I import it via my Author Dashboard. And it gets added to my published book list. Visit my Goodreads page.

30. I do the same thing on Amazon. I go to Amazon Author Central Page, then I search for my new release and click This is my book button and it gets added to my book list.
Visit my US Amazon Author Page and Amazon Author Page UK.

31. I also add my new release to my Author Pages on Smashwords and Okada Books.

32. Then I update my Facebook page and website: Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels

33. Sometimes, I order the paperback copy of my book straightaway and at other times, I might be too exhausted to even order it until a couple of days after release day.
34. Of course, after my book becomes available, I start to promote my new release to readers. Nothing beats holding my new book in my hands. It is an amazing experience.

35. Finally, the big issue after writing and publishing is promoting your book. If you don't tell others you have published your book, nobody will know about it or read it.

Someday, I will share my experience on how I promote my novels.

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If you have an opinion, question or more information, please share it. I will love to read from you and I also want to know you stopped by.


 You remain unforgettable.


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