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Thursday, 15 June 2017

“You get what you give” #Amwriting #WIP #Teaserthursday

Hello Romance Readers,

As I promised on Monday, I want to share an unedited Teaser from my upcoming Work-in-Progress, A Sweet & Steamy Romance Novel.

At the moment, the names are temporary, I will still change their names in the final story. Meet my gorgeous heroine who has a pretty bump.

Please read and let me know what you think.


Beautiful Island where my story is unfolding


“Why is there so much secrecy about the bump Clarissa carries around with pride?”


His mum, Ruth Manga placed one finger to her lips, before she glanced at the doorway that opened into the kitchen.
“The main thing you’ve succeeded in doing since you arrived in Monaco is to be at logger heads with Clarissa over every little thing,” Ruth admonished with one finger pointing in his direction.
Clasping his wrists in front of him, Zach rolled his shoulders to stretch his muscles.

“Oh, not at all. I’ve done a lot more in case you haven’t noticed. But that’s not what I’m asking. I don’t see any man here taking care of her pregnancy needs or coming around to find out if she wants to go for scans. The only reason I’m asking is because I don’t want you stressed in any way.”
Before she replied, his mum took a few steps to the kitchen. Satisfied they were alone, Ruth rushed back to the conservatory and countered.

“If you were bothered about my stress level, you would have made an effort to get to know Clarissa instead of jumping down her throat every chance you get. In the past two years since Clarissa moved in here, she has been helpful, a great company and a loving woman.”

“Mum, save the compliments,” Zach chuckled. “If I didn’t know you well, I would think you were throwing Clarissa at me. How can I get to know a woman who comes at me with daggers in her eyes and an attitude?”

“You get what you give, Zach.”

“All I see is a woman with no man around to take care of their expectant child. Isn’t it normal for me to ask questions?”

As his mum opened her mouth to reply, Clarissa shot out from the door that led to the garden.

My Gorgeous heroine.
Instantly, Zach’s stomach muscles tightened and he almost ground his teeth into fine powder.

It had been this way since he set eyes on Clarissa two weeks ago when he first walked through the front door.

If he was lucky, his teeth would still be intact when he found his way out of here in a couple of weeks.

“And how is my growing bump any of your business, Zach Manga? Stop barging your mum for no reason. If you have questions for me, ask me.”

Jerking his head to face her, Zach raised both eyebrows. The brown skin woman with darkening eyes, full lips and pointed nose on her oval face stared back at him with her hands folded beneath her full-on boobs.

“And if I asked you the same questions what would your answer be, Clarissa? I see you taking selfies of your bump. Share the story. Where is the dad? And when do I get to meet him?”
Stretching the tight, white dress over her bulging abdomen and rubbing her fingers around her thick waistline, Clarissa bared milky white teeth.

“Give me three good reasons why I owe you an explanation, Zach, when you find every excuse to antagonize me?”
With both hands up in the air, Zach shook his head. Coming from a woman who had barely spoken civil words to him since he arrived, he was convinced she was mistaken about his attitude.
“One, you’re not a saint. Two, you’re my mum’s god daughter. Three, you live with my mum. So spill. If there’s a wedding coming up shortly, I need to know so I can make plans to attend.”
Expecting a direct answer to his question, Zach folded his arms over his bare chest. It was way too hot on this idyllic island to keep a shirt on his back for more than three seconds.
To his annoyance, Clarissa broke into a loud giggle and he had to cover his ears with his palms to avoid a damage to his hearing.
“What’s funny?” he snarled when she was done.
“I’m going to give you three reasons you don’t deserve to know anything about my condition. One, you don’t give a damn about me being your mum’s god daughter. Two, you’re too selfish to care whether I have a dad for my growing bump or not and three, get on with your ever busy life and stop shoving your mouth in my business!”

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