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Thursday, 22 June 2017

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Hello Romance Readers,

I have an important announcement.

16 out of my 17 books are now on sale for 99cents or 99p on all Amazon marketplaces and Smashwords channels.

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On Teaser Thursday, I'm sharing a teaser from my Sweet & Sexy Romance titled: Naked Attraction.


Please enjoy.

Only three weeks ago, Mofe had been rocking the fast tempo beats in a chic beach club in Zakynthos, a Greek Island in the Ionian Sea. A holiday he had planned for two years, now cut short by his brother’s trial. The wild partying in Greece was not the issue that stuck in his mind. It was a certain woman’s behaviour.


Dancing in a pencil thin pair of red high heels on the bar table on the first night was a woman with golden skin colour and long black hair with golden streaks. Dressed in a tiny red lacy bra and thong, the woman had every man gasping with her hip-wriggling and body-twisting dance steps.

Unable to stop himself at the time, Mofe had taken pictures of the woman. Throughout her sultry dance routine, he had tried to make eye contact with her across the packed room, but it had been impossible with the multi-coloured blinking lights.
Something in the woman’s eyes had reached out to him. Not that he was sure of what it was specifically. Although the woman had danced with passion and confidence, she seemed a little lost, to him. Lost, in a sense he could not explain. But he understood it.

With his heart pounding in his chest wall, Mofe raced across the hall and called out. “Hello District Judge, please give me a minute of your time.”
The security man stepped forward, blocking Mofe’s approach and put out both hands. “You have to book an appointment, sir. I told you earlier.”
“We met in Greece, your honour,” Mofe said when the judge ignored his comment and turned her back on him.
He did not see her face, but her footsteps in medium black heels slowed before she hurried away. And Mofe was convinced he had found the dancing woman from the club in Zakynthos.

“I already told you, Mr. Awani, you can’t see the judge without an appointment. We have to follow protocol here.”
Moments later, the desk phone by the security man shrilled. With a warning look at Mofe, the security man picked up the receiver.
“Yes, Ma’am,” the man nodded and gave Mofe a glance over. “Okay, Ma’am. Right away, I will.”
And when he dropped the receiver, the security man grinned. “It seems it is your lucky day. You have been granted access to the judge’s chamber.”
The sickening feeling from earlier turned into something more intense. “Where can I find the honourable judge?” Mofe asked in his most contrite voice, although inwardly, he laughed at the image of a barely dressed judge wriggling her waist to the loud music on a bar table.
“Walk straight down the hall, turn right, keep walking to room eight one five.”
“Thank you,” said Mofe with a quick nod.
With each step, Mofe’s heart beat a little faster reminding him of when he had been summoned to the head teacher’s office in primary school. Only this time, he was about to face the woman he had been searching for and he had no idea how she would respond.
When he stopped in front of the room labelled eight one five, Mofe twisted the knob and pushed without knocking. He did it on a hunch. It was not a habit for him not to knock before entering an office. But in this situation, he felt inclined to break every rule.
“Who are you?” asked the woman seated in a black, leather high-back chair with her back to the door. It was the same authoritative voice she put up in the courtroom.
Good. She did not ask why he did not knock. It seemed they had low expectations of each other. With her exotic looks and skin colour, she appeared of mixed heritage. But from her British accent, he could not determine her race.
“The question is why would a magistrate judge be spotted dancing on a bar table in nothing but a bra and thong in one of Europe’s beach clubs? And then appear serious on Monday morning in a London courtroom wearing a wig and black gown?” While he waited for her answer, he took a passing look around her chambers.
The gold and black name plaque on the desk indicated her name was District Judge Ronke Oni.

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