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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Is Failure Your Friend or Foe? #Getinspired

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Straightaway I can tell you failure is not your enemy. Your real enemy is the FEAR of failure. Know the difference.
Until you fail, you will not truly appreciate success. As a teenager, I read my books night and day, and through God's grace, at age 16, I passed my GCSEs and gained entry into University.

But when I took my studies for granted in my first year at Uni, I failed two courses!! Voila! I got the shock of my life. Failing whipped my senses back to line. My response? I sat up and I got my reading mojo back and I graduated with honours.

You only remain a failure if you tell yourself you are a failure. When I fail, I tell myself I can succeed and I get back to trying again.

Giving up is the evidence you are a failure. As long as you KEEP TRYING, you are not a failure.

Failing at your marriage, your studies, going bankrupt, losing your children does not make you a failure, because you can have another go at anything and succeed.

When I went back to school decades later for my masters degree program, I failed an Accounting course. What struck me was the fact I did not realize, I did not know the basics of the course. I thought I did.

My response was to find an undergraduate Business student who I was told had a good understanding of Accounting. She taught me the basics and I grasped it well in a few sessions than what the lecturer taught me in a whole term. When I did a resit exam, I passed it. And I felt so fulfilled at overcoming such a huge challenge.

As an author, I'm not afraid to fail. As a result, I keep pushing boundaries. I often set my romance stories in countries I have never visited and my characters have jobs I know nothing about at the start. These days, you can learn anything by clicking a button to take you to the internet.

I only recently learned that Albert Einstein was such a slow learner, that it was suggested he switched studies from Physics to some other topics. Yet today, he is considered the father of atomic age.


1. Take RISKS.

2. When you FAIL, it is not time to QUIT.

3. Failure is a BRIDGE to SUCCESS.

4. When you succeed, nobody worries about your failures.

5. Don't consider failing, your final destination, only a start to success.

6. Failure is not fatal, you can always begin again.

7. Believe me, you can overcome any challenge - distress, poverty, persecution, famine, nakedness, danger, hatred, heartbreak, financial meltdown, tribulation, divorce - through prayer, patience, kindness and by simply trying again.

"A righteous man may fall seven times and rise again." ~ Proverbs 24:16.

In summary, my word to you is, DON'T BE AFRAID OF FAILURE.

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